Sincerely, Ludmila!( Sad story ) End

Lyudmila dialed Strel'nikova Sr., when on TV sounded the call letters of the program "Time".Egor picked up almost immediately.

- Good evening ...

- Good, good.You know, Mila, I asked you to talk to me, but now I understand - talking on the phone will not work.the circumstances are serious.I have already sent to you his driver, he's probably already waiting at the entrance.If you can quickly pull yourself together and come to me.Agreed?

- Well, Egor ... - at a loss and could only utter Mila.

House in chief it was only once - came to his girlfriend when to agree on a job.Drozdov went to the window, pushed the curtain - Strelnikova "Mercedes" was already at the bottom.She hastily dressed in denim suit, lightly held a comb through his hair, and a daughter called:

- Faith, I need to drive off on business.I'll be late, so do not linger too - go to bed, do not wait for me.Okay?- He kissed his daughter on the cheek - they were almost the same height, and crown, as before, it would have to kiss Mila could


In Strel'nikova house burned a second story window.Nicholas driver, opening the gate with the remote, Mila drove himself to the porch.The owner was waiting on the doorstep.He was a tall, broad-shouldered.Head in the light of the lantern above the door gleamed silver.The gray eyes from under his spectacles carefully examined his guest.

- Come on, Mila, whether at home - inviting gesture he pointed to the open door - and added, turning to the driver: - Nicholas, I ask you today to stay overtime, Lyudmila Sergeyevna need to take home a little later.

Nicholas nodded his head, and went to the garage, where he had a recreation room.

Together with the owner Mila ascended the spiral staircase to the second floor.In the living room table was set - coffee, cookies.In a corner flicker huge TV.Strelnikov Drozdov sat in a chair, he sat on the couch.

- I called you, not in order, of course, to discuss your funny adventures (these words Mila started and blushed a little), it is your private affair - with whom and when to meet you.But, you know, there was one unpleasant thing ....Today Bogoduhov decided to make our video with your employees and participation ...

Mila looked up and stared in horror at Strelnikova.

- Yes, dear, this son of a bitch filmed on camera your visit - continued Egor - Security Chief accidentally saw in the sales department, all employees gathered in front of the monitor, and became interested in - what kind of "Mulk" there looking at.Of course, he removed the disc with - here Mila breathed relief.

- But!- I stopped her premature joy Strelnikov.- When he brought me to drive, I turned it on from the beginning, and there were found three entries.Dates on record were in the last month.It's reasonable to assume that the records of our ... ahem, ahem ... prankster dabbled in a long time ... In general, I gave the order to carry out Ilya Alexandrovich Bogodukhov searched the apartment.Security Head earlier served under my command, searches can do.So the entire video library - Strelnikov pointed to a stack of discs stacked in DVD- player - he has withdrawn.

Egor paused, stood up and walked over to the wall bar, took out a bottle of brandy, and without asking the guest's request, poured two pot-bellied glasses.Putting the glasses on the table, the landlord continued:

- It turns out that quite by chance you has kept not only me, myself, but the whole company from a very serious threat, - the chief emphasized the word "very."- I'll show you "slicing" - my son, then all gathered on a home computer, and you will understand why I called you.

Strel'nikov sighed and pressed the button «play» on the player's remote control.A huge TV screen came to life.Mila immediately recognized the place where the shooting was carried out - it was a bedroom Rostislav.Incredible "four bedroom 'bed, mirrors lined the walls.The camera recorded the happening from above.Egor seemed to guess her thoughts:

- The chandelier set a bastard.Another camera was found in the bathroom, and the third - in the toilet.I photographed everything and with gusto, shorter - Egor grimaced in disgust and took a sip of brandy, if trying to taste the noble drink to kill disgust.

Mila looked without looking at the screen.Jura son Strelnikova, we can say, spare the nerves of those who became a spectator of this unusual "cinema".She learned some who have been in the bedroom Rostislav - among them was the chief secretary, one of the employees of accounting, it seems, her name is Svetlana, flashed face, vaguely familiar to her - sprightly girl, very similar to the controversial TV presenter programs, film actress.

And Mila vdrug- if scalded with boiling water - on the screen Rostik undressing in front of men - she recalled that the two work in the same department with Bogodukhov.Next frame - and Rostik already in the arms of the popular politician Salnikov, then walked with women cadres, again man ... The last entry was the shortest - here Mila laughed excitedly in bed, and Rostik tried to portray passion.she had not noticed in the confusion as one gulp emptied the glass, and then a second, carefully poured the host.

Strel'nikov turn off the player.

- Did you see a small part of what was in his records.If one drive was in the hands of competitors, journalists, or, God forbid, my former colleagues in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then we all would bo-oh-oh-olshie trouble.Perhaps - with fatal consequences.On the records that have already been destroyed, had a couple of "thieves in law", the wife of a very, very serious people.Their daughter - the owner of his lips, and added.- My daughter, too, had been there.

- Kate ???- I did not believe Lyudmila.

- Kate, Kate ... - Strelnikov again sipped from his glass.


- That bastard - one of the most valuable of my staff - it "vlёt" finds buyers on the most expensive cars, able to convince the customer to take care in our center - in a word, brings the company a good income.Of course, I knew that there is no all-clear in relations with customers - something he takes them, but what - I do not know.And so, you, he, like a prostitute, was sold.Yes to hell with him, even though the whole rassteletsya!- Egor evil struck the arm of the chair on which sat a guest - but he does all of this shot!And find out Salnikov that his antics with Rostikov shot, he's never going to believe that this idiot did everything on his own initiative.Yes its "People's Will" -otmorozki would burn our company branches all over Moscow!If lint has learned "lawyer" in the movie that he was removed, he would not have began to understand the authorship - we would have rolled into the asphalt instantly.And if the minister saw his wife in bed with the baboon, it just would have bankrupted us down ... That such things ...

Strel'nikov poured himself another glass of brandy, drank.

- Know Mila ... It has long been watching you.You're a little girl was very, I drew attention to you ... And when I came to work, I trust you plot - important!- And you did not disappoint.However, I was disappointed with your choice of a husband, but - it was young, and did not befit me to interfere.You have my parents there.As I know, now with Alexander broke up?

- How do you ... - started to Mila.

- Magpie on the tail brought.Yes it does not matter.I told you that's what I want to say ... When I saw you on the record, and then looked at the others, I realized that not for nothing that you singled out for life - and here you behave worthy friend.Worthy of my daughter, worthy of someone else ... Say, you would not want to ... - Strelnikov paused and paused finished his cognac.

- What would you like, Egor?

- No, I have not said so ... - he went up to her, sat down beside him on the carpet.His glass, took off his glasses, which made his face suddenly softened.He touched his big palm of her hand.

- Mila, I'm going to say that ... I love you long time.

Lyudmila buzzing in my head from drinking, from the shock experienced when viewing the "cinema", the recognition of Strelnikova.She herself early on noticed glances Egor.And often he admitted to himself that he - her type of man: strong-willed, decisive, strong.About this could only dream.But - this man was hopelessly Katka married to the mother, her friend, so ...

As she was in the arms of Strel'nikova how their lips came together in a kiss, Mila could not remember.What happened next was even something incredible - hard palm Egor skillfully undressed, caressed her body, which responds to every touch - shuddered, for it ran waves and bursts of pleasure unknown before.It spreads over the bottom of the abdomen warm, slightly groaning muscle, but it was so unusual and so pleased that she listened to her suddenly became easy and weightless body with a pleasant surprise.Never before has anything like she did not feel.

As morning came, she did not notice, because they dozed, exhausted by all the past experiences of the day.Strelnikov lay on his back, and she umostila his head on his broad chest, which, right before her eyes, stood a white scar just above the left nipple.Carefully she held a finger over the uneven surface of the scar, kissed him, and ... fell asleep.

before waking to a new day they had two hours and forty minutes.

The house came alive all Strel'nikova: melodious singing Service, including the hot water in the bathroom, humming coffee, has spread to the side shutters, heard the sound of the radio - "smart home" itself, without the participation of the host, perform morning work.

Meanwhile, Mila and Egor, ignoring the cacophony of sounds, woven into a tight knot of love, unable to break away from each other.Never Mila with pleasure not to give a man.Moreover, right now she realized that she really means is the expression - "surrender."Her body, her whole soul was completely given to him - the man who dreamed about her lonely dreary evenings.

The feeling of kinship with this man, who tormented her tender flesh was filled with Lyudmila.He breathed in unison with it, there was her one, but two of them accessible dimension.Every movement, gesture, a sigh, a touch - everything was clear to her, and she responded to them exactly as it should be it.And in that moment, when a wave of unprecedented storm of pleasure rushed from the bottom up, and sparks spray, broke into her head, she felt that he was losing consciousness.

Until bathroom Egor Mila carried on hands.She herself could not, probably, and hand to move.Strelnikov gently sat her in hot water almost.Sam settled on bringing a chair and looked at her with eyes that glowed with love.A hot bath, and then - a cold shower Lyudmila returned to reality.Nevertheless, warmth and tenderness, it gained that night, did not want to leave any consciousness or body."So that's how it looks - happiness" - she thought.

At breakfast, covered with a living room, Strelnikov, pouring a cup of coffee, said:

- You probably need a rest now?Do not go to the office, okay?

- Well, Egor, today I'll take care of you - on itself is not like - she smiled.

- That's nice!I drive to the office in a car guard, and you will take home Nikolai.Gather strength and rest.In the evening, I would very much like to meet with you.And please do not call me by my name.Just - Egor.We are not in public - gently asked Strelnikov.

- Yegor ... I ... I do not know how to treat everything that happens to me ... I think I have acted in a completely pig climbed into someone else's bed ...

Egor tossed aside plug:

-Mila!I did not want to tell you, but once the conversation turned to this Thread ... Yesterday, we parted ways with Viola Stanislavovna.She slipped in a Moscow apartment.Cause?You see ... In those records in abundance was the frame with it ... an abomination, of course.I would not, as you know, even trying to start a relationship with you, if it was not so ... Thirty-six years of marriage, and you ... - Strelnikov lost and fell silent, concentrating spreading jam on hot toast.

discouraged Mila looked at his strong hands, and just remained silent.

The "Mercedes" Yegor, Nikolay barely touched the car, Mila immediately dialed the number on his cell daughters:

- Hello, dear, it's me!Yes, I'm all right.No, I'll be home in half an hour.Yes, wait for me.Good KISS.

daughter and son, have gathered in the school, waited patiently for Mila.For the first time my mother spent the night away from home.For the first time in their lives they spent the night without her.Faith, asleep at night next to the computer monitor, woke up in the night and could not find her mother in the usual place.And ulegshis in his bed, tossed, not falling asleep until morning.Now, seeing Mila alive and well, Vera burst into tears.

Soothing daughter, Mila said to the children:

- Let today you do not go to school.Let's you and I go for a walk, go somewhere, huh?

sense to say first assessed Mitja:

- Hooray!Down with the teachings!Long live the cinema and "McDonald's"!

walked on spring Moscow.They looked to the cinema, but from the middle of the session went: and the movie was stupid and did not want to sit in weather like this in a stuffy room.We ate ice cream, laughed at the two street circus actors on the Arbat.

returned home, when it was for a little church, seen from their windows, the sun was hidden.Mila dialed Egor:

- Egor, let's postpone the meeting for tomorrow, okay?I simply can not today, I will see you.And children ... Yes, tomorrow, okay!I kiss you too - glad she finished the conversation.Leave their children today she hated to.

The three of them sat down on the sofa, having drawn the same leg, and watched the old melodrama.Scattered on the bed after midnight.

- Guys!- Strictly admonished their Mila - the output will not tomorrow!Both sleep and no talking.The school is waiting!

finished morning ritual - washing, cooking breakfast, make-up - Mila left home.At the entrance stood a familiar "Mercedes", but behind the wheel sat a stranger to her driver.When he saw coming out Mila, the driver jumped out of the car:

- Ludmila!Good morning!I ask you to!- Opened in front of her right rear door.

- Hello, - said Mila, but opened the front door and sat next to the driver.

- Let's go!- A little hoarse voice echoed Gagarin driver, and let a herd of horses under the hood with a leash.

- And where is Nicholas?- I asked the road to Milan office.

driver only glanced at it briefly, and through clenched teeth:

- Retired yesterday.

- Yes?For what reason?

However, the new driver did not answer.So silence and reached the place.

Mila went to the central staircase, but the driver stopped the "Mercedes" in "directors' entrance.The ad stand, which was installed in front of the doors, crowded with staff.On the stand, right in the center, it was put up someone's picture in mourning black frame.After a few steps, Ludmila was able to discern - with photos of her thin face was smiling Rostislav Bogodukhov.

- What happened?- She asked aloud, she did not notice that he almost shouts.

stood at the stand turned to her voice, and immediately began to disperse quickly.No one uttered a word.Only the head of security approached her and said hello:

- Dear Ludmila!- Mila himself noted that he turns out to know her name and patronymic.

not answering the greeting, she asked:

- What happened?What kind of ... - pointed to the booth.

- Accident.Mr. Bogoduhov yesterday celebrated a birthday with a friend and sat behind the wheel drunk.On the fortieth kilometer Dmitrov highway lost control and crashed into the oncoming KAMAZ.He died on the spot, before the arrival of "ER."

- One more question.And why retired driver Egor - Nicholas?

- Hmm ... He, in fact, resigned at his own request, but I will tell you a secret: man decided that he could interfere in the personal life boss.We do too much talkative divorced ...

not letting him finish, Mila evil, through the tread suddenly in front of tears, murmured:

- So, Bogoduhov too interfered with privacy chief ...

Ilya A. flushed:

-Ludmila, I would in your place.We ...

But Milla was already in the direction Strel'nikova cabinet.Secretary, metnuvshy to the door to prevent her from entering, under the gaze of Drozdova jumped back in fright, nearly collapsed with high heels, who drowned in the soft carpet.

Strelnikov was in the room alone, and talking on the phone.

- Misha, my dear, I'm sorry, I'll call you back in half an hour, I have an important visitor.I'm sorry, darling, again!Agreed, yes.

- Good morning, dear!What happened to you?On your face there!