Travel with a baby

If you ever had to travel with children, you represent exactly how much trouble immediately dumped on his head.Nevertheless, many problems can be reduced if seriously prepare for the trip and try to provide at least the most important moments, and to the child, and you feel quite comfortable.

Ahead of vacation that you are planning to spend the whole family.Listen to useful advice and organize your journey with your child so that you are able to really relax.

preferred to make a family trip in the car, because you can take with any number of any relevant detail, and, in addition, there is a possibility to make stops frequently, so that children can run around and have a rest from the road.The main thing for car travel - to take care of security: a child under 12 years old must sit in the car in a special child seat.

If you have to go by train, be careful on the top shelf - do not send a child under 10 years of night sleep upstairs.But during the day, children can be happy watching from the top shelf

in the window, and, most likely, did not even want no other entertainment.

flight by plane will take definitely less time than the train or ride in a car.If the child is capricious during takeoff or landing, you can give him candy - candy ease the discomfort that occur when vertical drop.

to collect on the road taken seriously, because traveling with small children are no trifles.Be sure to bring wet wipes - to wipe their hands instead of washing.For the youngest passengers take stock of diapers, and for those who are a little older, - a favorite pot.

Assemble a first aid kit with a road: it must have a thermometer, antipyretic, brilliant green, plaster, bandages, cotton wool and activated charcoal.Be sure cure for headaches, heart, diarrhea and pain.

And grab for baby nagrudnichki and removable clothes, because in the way young children can shed the juice or tea.And, just in case, if you are traveling by car, bus or by plane, let the hand will always be plastic bags, just in case the baby suddenly seasick and much vomit.

necessary to take care of the food for the journey - no problems only moms who still breastfeed.If your baby is bottle-fed, bring a thermos of boiling water and a supply of cooled boiled water - to dilute the mixture, wash the bottles and drink grudnichka.Vegetables, fruit and meat sauce for the kids is better to take a ready, in small jars.Open a jar just before feeding, and in any case, do not leave for later what is left - even in the cooler bag!

For older children, take plenty of non-carbonated bottled water, juice and milk in small bags, already well-washed fruits and vegetables, salted crackers - they help if a child swayed.For a more thorough snack suit sandwiches with cheese, boiled eggs, potatoes in their jackets - all that certainly does not spoil quickly.And buy the way in disposable dishes - it will save you from excess load and from incessant washing dishes.

The long road children may quickly get bored and start to act up, so you should think in advance about entertainment for them.Certainly worth to take a new toy for the child on the road and buy books with stickers, coloring books.Just handed it all already during the trip.

If the machine has a tape recorder, then prepare the tape or CD-disks with fairy tales.And for fans of frequent and prolonged trips there is nothing better than a small DVD-player, in which the children will be happy to watch cartoons or movies.

And, of course, be patient.Remember that a young child does not have the perseverance and patience of adults, he does not know how long to wait, so the ban will cause to move his tears or whims.Try to distract and entertain the baby, and then it will be interesting, and you easily.