Your unique smell

How to choose perfume?More often than not match your own feeling and choose the principle of "like" - "I do not like."Sometimes you follow fashion trends and choose the smells, well-publicized, popular to be "like everyone else."But many are trying to find their own smell, which is not just like it, and appropriate manner, style of behavior, state of mind, the smell, which is always comfortable, which becomes a permanent part of your image.

However, few find their own flavor, we must also be able to present it properly.For example, undesirable strongly throttled to work, forcing the others to smell, which can cause them the most contradictory feelings, until the formation of a negative attitude to you.

Long-term attachment to the same scent will make it for you virtually invisible, but for those who are close to become bored and unpleasant odor.But how do you communicate to others the fragrance of your perfume - very important!

Complex smell of perfume composition is decomposed into three notes: the

initial, which is felt for the first time, a median or basic, which appears after a while, the base, of course, that preserves and envelops fragrant cloud during the day.

Representatives of different zodiac signs in different ways choosing perfume notes.If you do not have any personal preference, if you're looking for a gift, without any certainty that will be able to pick up the scent correctly, if you want to test their own feelings, try to pick up spirits in accordance with the sign of the zodiac.

- Taurus, Lions, Scorpio, Aquarius prefer persistent odor that does not go away with time.

- Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra loves to battle the first note, the first strong impression of the smell.

- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces prefer persistent odors with trailing train, so that they remain in the memory of others for a long time.

addition, astrology asserts that:

- hot, dry, sharp, sharp, bright smells like most signs Fire .It smells savannas, deserts, bitter herbs

- light, moist, fresh, subtle smells like signs Air.Smell - equatorial, tropical, sultry

- Earth signs prefer sweet, sensual, tart or traditional, stable, resistant, cold and dry flavors - strong, floral

- but signs Water always choose the cold and wet,gentle, mysterious smells.

(To be continued)