Color therapy can help

color can be a panacea for many ills.The consequences of stress, headaches, insomnia and bad mood can be overcome with the help of color therapy.Even some of the qualities in themselves can be developed with the help of color.

colors of your wardrobe, makeup and hair color will tell more about you than you do.And the color of the interior of your home can make it cozy or - hostile.Each person has his tsvetotip.According to it is necessary to select colors in the clothes, make-up, interior - all in all that surrounds you.

We'll tell you about some of the features of the individual colors, which you can use if necessary.So, if headache , if not at hand pills, you will red .Put on eyes watered with cold water red towel and lie down for a short time, dismiss all thoughts.

Red improves blood circulation and increases the production of adrenaline, so that the spasm, which causes headache, after some time passes.Experts believe that even notebook red optimistic tunes, and even a bouquet of red roses and a


If work has ceased to please , and you feel the approach of stress from their work problems, take a look at something blue .The color of the sky brings us to the reality, and lowers blood pressure.If you want to stay calm and not panic at a time when all around are groaning from Abraham put on the desktop picture with shades of turquoise, wear sunglasses with blue lenses or more often just to restore order on the screen of your monitor.It is even possible that the blue expanse of the computer will induce you to useful to thoughts about further career.

Green - the color of life and spring.He strengthens the immune system and even cools negative emotions .If you hesitate and can not make a decision, put on something green and go into the woods or to the park, to consider among the leaves all the "pros" and "cons."Furthermore, green positive effect on the heart.

But purple useful in any internal inflammations, and purple flashes soothe shattered nerves, relieve pain in the eyes and reduce morbid appetite .Purple sharpens vision and feelings.If you are alone, enough to imagine iris flowers, to feel more happy person.

A black color will help you to get rid of excessive levity .Favorite color makes Mick Jagger to be seriously and effectively.Dressed in black - a great way to isolate themselves from others, and along with their evil tongues: no wonder it is so fond of actors and musicians.Like the black diamond, pure black color shines from within, helping to preserve the remnants of the internal forces and paying attention to your personality.

If you suffer because you can not relax, change the color of your bedroom by painting its walls and peach shades flamingos.However, you can go to a simple and inexpensive way, for example, buy pajamas and bed linen pink tones.Scientific evidence shows that pink color extinguishes aggression , evokes a feeling of bliss, comfort and peace without reason called the good life pink.

orange color will help you cope with the depressive state .Try it when you feel sad and mood on zero, wear something orange or buy a kilogram of mandarins.The strength of the orange is great: it is able to mobilize the vital forces to withdraw from depression and make you do something incredibly complicated.In addition, the orange color stimulates the lymphatic system, and normalizes hormonal balance and thereby helps the body cleanse.When you unbearably sad, try to treat yourself to a bright cocktail.Bright colors cheer up, even if they are not related to the ingredients of the cocktail.