Vasily Chapayev : a new version of the death of

biography, researchers sometimes possible to obtain new information that changed our perception about certain facts of the biography of the great famous people of the past.New facts have appeared in the history of the death of the legendary Basil Chapaev.

Vasily Chapayev was born in the Russian, peasant family 28 January (3 February, New Style) in 1887.His father, Ivan Stepanovich Chapaev, was a carpenter.In this family, the children from an early age became an assistant of his father, built churches, barns, in short, everything that my father ordered.

When Basil was 8 years old, his father sent him to study his cousin, the priest, and he defined it in school.However, the boy did not stay there long, and quickly returned to the family, to help his father.The story goes that one day Basil crepes dome on the church, but could not resist and fell down.However, immediately stood up, and it had no bruises, no scratches, no fractures or scratches.For this, he earned the nickname Ermak unsinkable.

in the tsarist army, Vasily Ivanovich served for a short time.In 1908 he was called, but in the spring of 1909 demobilized due to illness.In fact, it was removed from the army because of his brother, Andrew, who was involved in campaigning against the king.

Life Chapaev did not work.In 1909 he married for love at sixteen Pelagia Metlino.The marriage was uneven - the girl was from a wealthy family.Pelagia was a good helper in the family.Soon she gave birth to a son, her husband, Alexander, a year later a daughter, Claudia, and in 1914, another son, Arkady.At this time, Chapaeva again drafted into the army.Vasily Ivanovich served well, received the rank of senior non-commissioned officer and four of the cross of St. George, that is, become a Knight of St. George.All his salary he sent home.

once received a letter from his father, where he was informed that his wife Basil left the house to her lover.Chapaev decided to divorce his wife and went home for this purpose.Having arrived, he went for Pelageya, on the way they made it up, but still a normal life after that was not - his wife is still cheated on him.Vasily Ivanovich went to the front.

In one battle he was mortally wounded fighting friend, Peter F. Kameshkertsev.Dying, he took Chapaeva oath that he will not leave his wife and two daughters.Vasily long reported on the death of a friend and his family supported her financially from its funds.Everything ends, that Pelagia Kameshkertseva became law wife Chapaev.To her, Vasily Ivanovich moved her three children from his first wife.But in this family life is a failure - and his second wife cheated on him.Chapaev went again to the front.

Meanwhile, Pelagia Kameshkertseva decided to establish a relationship with her husband and bring him back into the family.Together with his youngest son, she went to the headquarters to Vasily Ivanovich, tolerate.Son Chapaev to him ordered to miss, and to Pelageya did not want to even meet.Harboring anger and wanting revenge, on the way back, the woman drove to the headquarters and told White that rifle at Chapaeva fighters training, and at headquarters no cover.

fight was unequal, Chapaev was shot 5 times, but the wounds were not life-threatening.He tried to provide medical assistance, but the battle was not an appropriate case.Having crossed the Urals last strength, Chapaev died at the hands of the Hungarian internationalist his team from a large loss of blood.He was buried on the banks of the river, but the river changed its course and washed grave.

daughter of Vasily Ivanovich lived for some time with her stepmother.One day, returning from school, she heard Pelagia quarrel with his roommate.Kameshkertseva screaming: "I am because you betrayed Vasily Ivanovich, and you ..." So Claudius found out the truth about betrayal stepmother.She even wrote about this letter Krupskaya, but then my stepmother ill and died.

Chapaeva daughter died in 1999.Chapaeva Arturovna Eugenia, granddaughter of Chapaev, I'm sure that in the death of Vasily guilty betrayed him Pelagia Kameshkertseva.