Your unique smell ( continued)

Often men to odors are very quietly, leaning in the selection of flavor on two points - it can be annoying or ignore.But for a woman perfume is extremely important.Listening perfume smells, the woman discerns the slightest nuances, giving each of them a deep sense.Choose a gift for women perfume - is not easy.But you can rely on the "star" recommendations and try to choose a perfume in accordance with the sign of the zodiac.

Women Aries like sharp, strong smells can even use the masculine scents or deodorants sports lines.The main task of the spirits - give momentum to awaken, to hit.Such spirits are paying attention to the woman, show how she is not like the others, she is strong in her feminine beauty.

Women Taureans love sweet scent, floral and fruity aromas and a herbal composition, the smell of sweet, vanilla, icing, sweet water.Often they get used to the same smell and buy the same favorite perfume, not wanting to change their flavor.

Women Gemini prefer fresh flavors and often change

their perfumes.The smell of Gemini - a forest, grass, breeze.But representatives of this zodiac sign are also closely watching the fashion and perfume are often guided by the fancy flavors.

Women Cancers more focused on themselves, on their mood in a choice of spirits.They are fickle in their tastes, but more attracted to the simple, natural compositions.Love the smell of the familiar, domestic, and smells of grass, meadows and flowers.Crayfish prefer fragrances that emphasize femininity and softness and long accustomed to the one spirits.

Women Lions in the selection of perfumes and fragrances are capricious, as the true queen.They always need something unique, expensive, exquisite.The aroma should be unique, fought on the spot anyone who comes in contact with the owner.Often the deciding factor in choosing a perfume is sky-high price, a unique scent or a unique bottle.And, of course, Lionesses love when they give a perfume or expensive cosmetics.

Women Virgin care primarily about the purity and freshness of the body.Cosmetics and perfumes, they are rarely, preferring the natural scent of pure body.And if the Virgin and choose some perfume, then it will be modest, barely audible flavors.

Women Balance though adore everything related to beauty and fashion, but are able to comply with the measure, so that they tend to withstand the style.Even if the Weights and enjoy some flavor, it is, at least, must be known and must like others.Hearing the criticisms, Libra immediately find a reason to abandon the chosen flavor and began to search for the other, so long as they find a compromise.Scales often prefer the quiet notes of fresh, light and thin.But this, of course, should be graceful and expensive perfume.

Women Scorpions prefer odors frank, deep and soulful, smells, capable of hitting partner, disarm him, paralyzed.Their spirits are designed to emphasize sexuality, attractiveness, but it does not have to do defiantly and provocatively, as hidden and mysterious, that the man was in their outstretched cleverly network.That is why the Scorpions are choosing unusual, mysterious spirits, such as strong and sweet with a strong oriental flavor.

Women Sagittarians often have a huge amount of spirits, usually expensive, most prestigious, well-known companies.they choke, they say, without sparing, so that it was immediately clear that she is a woman beautiful and secure, because the most important for Sagittarius - image.Representatives of this irrepressible sign - travel lovers and new places - it new flavors, new perfume!Not surprisingly, Sagittarians do not have the habit to become attached to one flavor, and rarely buy the same perfume twice.Sagittarius woman can equally easily be throttled and sugary-sweet and fresh, tart and spirits, but she very subtly distinguishes the smell of cheap expensive.

Capricorn woman refer to smells very calm and appreciate, first of all, respectability, and classic style.They are very long and carefully selected "your" smell and can remain faithful to him all his life.Capricorns prefer strong flavors as tart and sweet and marine freshness, moss and wood.

Female Aquarians fairly unpredictable in its inconstancy of tastes.However, in the extensive list of favorite perfume female Aquarius is unlikely there will be dense, heavy scents.The rest of the women-Aquarius follow fashion, always in touch with the latest news and perfumes are easy to experiment, for example, strangled two spirits at the same time.

Women Fish opting for perfumes and scents that highlight their tenderness and weakness.As a rule, it is thin, sweet, floral, delicate and soft flavors.Fish are fickle in their tastes, often sentimental, can choose a perfume just because they remind them of someone very near and dear, or by some other mental motivations or romantic dreams.Probably for the same reasons fish prefer exclusive perfumes, extraordinary.

(To be continued)