Man and tree

Each of us sometimes feels the lack of energy, fatigue, stress or depression.This is understandable, because the pace of life is high, the events are often ahead of their ability to perceive.How to make up for a lack of energy and a good mood?Now, in the summer when a riot of colors and greens, you can do it in the woods or in the park, the charge energy of the trees.

Communication with plants or plant spirits has always been one of the most important skills of any Healers, mages and shaman.In Greece since ancient times worshiped groves of oaks, oracles, and in the Celtic culture, this tradition was embodied in the Druid magic.And today it is not necessary to be a shaman, to usefully apply the energy of the trees.

not only centuries-old oak tree in the deep forest, but also young birch tree in a city park can generously share with a person his healing powers.But they will open their secrets only to those who know how to communicate with them.

By the way, did you know that all the plants are divided i

nto bioenergy giving and taking her?For example, oak, pine, apple, cedar provide energy.A alder, poplar and wild cherry absorb negative energy flows.

Birch - a universal donor for the fair sex.Maple along with oak and pine quickly restores energy, and equally affects both women and men.Communication with acacia improves mood, relieves stress.

Kalina also can not only treat, but also calm.Ash - good tree, its energy is positive, but for a long time "feed" is not worth of it.But Aspen is known as an energy vampire - deal with it should be with great caution.

If you decide to "make contact" with the "green giants", then to start a stroll through the woods, look at the trees and then choose for themselves "energodonora".It is best to give preference to adult, big, strong trees.Turn inner vision and find among them the fact that, in your opinion, exudes the greatest effect.Trust your intuition.

So, you chose your "donor".Do not rush immediately to the tree with arms and overflowing energy.Slowly, walk up to it, try to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, so as not to "drown out" his "voice", and send it to a tree its heat.Attach it to the palm of your hand and feel the energy flow.Pass it through yourself and feel that you are - a single unit.

Can embrace their patron, clung to him all over: it will give you an enormous reserve of energy.And before you leave be sure to thank your donors and goodbye give him a piece of his love and warmth!