Vacation summer is not made ...

Summer has just begun, and with it comes the time of long-awaited summer vacation.But you are not happy because vacation this summer you do not put?Dont be upset!Unfortunately, some circumstances need to be able to tolerate.It is better to take care to preserve the efficiency and good humor.

Psychologists have prepared recommendations for those summer hardly makes himself go to work.If you follow them, you not only do not have to force yourself to work, but you can even enjoy the pleasure of each working day.Professional Advice quite simple, do not require much time or effort, but some effort over himself will have to do.

For example, try to force yourself to start each day with a simple and it is easy to cause.After that little effort will make it easier to start another business, and how you can quickly and successfully start your day, you will be encouraged to further victories.

Try to move more during the day, throw a light workout.As a result of physical activity produced endoforiny that will he

lp you stay in shape.

Summer with bright colors simply requires the same bright and elegant clothes.Even if your office dress code requires extremely strict clothing, try to work around it and put on, for example, under the bright elegant blouse costume jacket, black shoes, change into light or color.Even a bright scarf can lift your mood as raises his beautiful clothes.

Take care of your workplace: often ventilate the room, turn on the air conditioning, disassemble desktop or refer to the authorities with a request to update the equipment, because a malfunctioning computer or office spoils the mood and discourage any desire to work.If possible, decorate the workplace a flower in a vase on a table or trinket beautiful prints.

Do not be afraid and do not worry if you have a blockage at work, do not worry in advance that you can not handle.Organize your work properly: a challenge to break the concrete steps and focus on their consistent implementation.You will see that gradually even the most difficult task will be executed qualitatively and in time.

course, complete the work will not be if you do not learn how to have a good rest after hours.Find something for everyone, whether it is a visit to the theater or a fashion show, teaching oriental dance or yoga, playing tennis or a day of shopping and buying things that you've always wanted.Good mood on this evening you survive for a long time, and, therefore, it is reflected on your attitude to work the next day.

Rest in weekend think over in advance and try to relax actively and varied.Do not rest up to the TV and go in for sports, fitness, go to the movies, meet friends in a cafe or in the nature, go hiking or take a trip in a short tourist trip.

not start to upset himself with thoughts of what tomorrow to go to work the previous night.On the other hand, going to bed, move the pleasant moments of the past day and think that this joyous brought to you by the coming day.Setting yourself up for success.

summer, when most of the staff has a rest, you have a chance to advance and demonstrate their skills, and possibly advance at work.And even if in the same calm, you can make a reserve for future success: take further training, establish new useful contacts, planning and analysis of the activity, etc. And try to avoid routine - monotonous work tiring quickly, so plan diverse, keep solutions familiar tasks.

Even the smallest victory coup, did a good job improves mood.If you have a problem, start their decision with the fact that you do best, and Be able to enjoy even a little success.Most importantly - do not worry yourself about nothing, do not dwell on their unwillingness to work, do not think about the fact that you're out of luck, all resting, and you sit in a stuffy city in the boring work.The more you think about it, the less you will have to stay forces, the worse mood.

better to decorate everyday work in small pleasures, even if it is a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe at lunchtime or a new disk that you will listen to the relaxing time.Did you know that Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher arranged for themselves a break from a busy day to sleep.They were convinced that a short nap during the day enhances memory and restores.If you can not take a nap at lunchtime, then learn to relax and throw out all thoughts from his mind at rest.This will allow you a short time to restore his strength well.

All depends on you: how do you set up yourself, and pass the summer.And think about it: when all your colleagues will return from holidays, your stay in front, and it means that you are longer than they save power and experience for a long winter.Just imagine, when the city will be the autumn slush, you have the option to extend the summer and soak up the warm sea.