" Ordinary Miracle"

newspapers are full of advertisements of various psychics, fortune-tellers in some there is generation, salons incredible occult services.Do you promise to solve all your problems.Do you promise to tell everything about what was there, and the most interesting thing about that is!And yet ... And yet telling believe !!

Research psychologists and sociologists suggest that many people in the late XX century, subconsciously or even consciously waiting for a miracle, hoping with the help of some higher power to change something in their lives.Hence - the appeal to non-traditional religious cults, divination hobby, mascots (in fact, pagan symbols).

Most often the desire to find help from a higher power due to the tragedies in his personal life, loneliness.When running out of their own strength, so I want to find support from the outside, and even more eager to an ordinary miracle that will change forever.

That's the way a man that believes in miracles to gray hair, and sometimes more than their own.One goo

d friend of mine suddenly, leaving a good job, a comfortable big apartment with all the family went to a remote Siberian village.He claimed that is about to come to an end, all of us left, die, and he saves himself and his family.

whether he made the decision himself?Far from it!Just got into the hands of a good psychologist one of the many that have arisen in our time, sects.The money for the sold apartment, car, property moved into the coffers of the sect (you can imagine who and how to dispose of them), and he and his wife and three children began to build a new life in "harmony with nature" in a remote Siberian village.

Ultimately, everyone has the right to build their own destiny, but if he had the right to decide the future of their children, depriving them of choice?A few years later I met him again.Frankly, he did not look happy, and there was no previous conviction in his voice.

How did people fall into the hands of fortune-tellers and clairvoyants, under the influence of sects and preachers of the "new life"?Psychologists have found that long-term dominance of negative emotions affects the facial expressions, movements and behavior.An experienced eye immediately notices - and the potential victim is trapped.

turns out that the involvement in the "spirit" of the organization and divination have common mechanisms - the impact on the individual, which is in a difficult emotional state.What are these mechanisms?Oddly enough, it's pretty simple.Usually you fit man or woman, with a calm, warm-hearted person, gentle voice and careful look (all this is very important), and tries to speak: "You have any problems?I can help you.I have chosen (selected) you among many people because I see that you can help yourself and others to become happier.You find it difficult, because you live in the wrong, and we'll explain everything "and so on. D.

Unexpected friendly attitude of the outsider is often in itself allows you capture your attention.To contact you, an experienced recruiter maximum adapts to your behavior and says what you unconsciously from him (or someone else) are waiting.

particularly important for achieving a lasting contacts are touching the right hand.The ancient priests knew this great secret: the soft touch often creates the trust and sympathy.Seducers past centuries is not in vain sought to "handle" - further "process" often lasted longer automatically because the victim ceased to perceive what is happening.

found out the nature of your problem, the recruiter begins to discuss them, hold your attention on it, not allowing escape.So do the fortune-teller: in order not to give you a distraction to get away, they kept saying something like: "Here, look at this line!", "You see the bend?".Fantastically easy!

In contrast to the fortune-teller, the first meeting of which may be the last, the recruiter should entice you to "event", to preach and so on, because the main processing is no longer on the street.But the first step towards the abyss has been made there.

Gradually, after several meetings with the "experts", the person ceases to perceive any information, except for the right to organize.At each new meeting inspired by the "truth" due to the hypnotic effects of absorbed all the stronger.In the cerebral cortex there is a center of sustainable excitation, which is "off" from the consciousness of family, friends, professional interests, habitual sexual relations.

sensitivity to hypnosis at all different - some changes have a minimal impact.With the loss of his "I" there is a feeling depending on the sect.Return to normal life very difficult - communication is lost, there is no work ...

Influenced by "teaching" sold apartments, values, and the interests of loved ones do not count.If the husband or wife, children, parents do not share the enthusiasm of new so-called adept they become sworn enemies.They were beaten, deprived of shelter, livelihood.Those who oppose the visit "event" may be deprived of life, and, as often we learn of criminal news.

And few people, unfortunately, know that the spiritual leaders of many sects have an interesting combination of mental "characteristics" of talent and personal enrichment.For example, the father of Octavian was treated for schizophrenia, and the first Queen of rats was obsessed with mysticism and matriarchy with lesbian relationships.And both can not be called poor people: after the Queen's death remained a collection of antiques, a foreign bank account and valuable property.

How to protect themselves from subjection to another's will?Firstly, it is necessary to admit that the first counter, with very rare exceptions, are not actively offer help.Remember: even to the man that fell on the sidewalk, not just anyone will do.Remember intrusive agents and offering a "gift from the company," for which, as it turns out later, have to pay a significant amount.Therefore, any active benevolent treatment of unknown persons should guard and cause a defensive reaction - as soon as possible to get away, not allowing to establish contacts.

hope for a miracle is possible.But do not expect a miracle from prying strangers offering to solve all your problems.This is the same "gift from the company", for which you then have to pay dearly.