Your unique smell (the end)

Scents by acting on our sense of smell, have an impact on a lot of aspects of our life.With the smell, and we can change its own state, and to influence other people, causing certain feelings, and even forming their relationship to you.

But the abundance and variety of odors, which offers us the perfume industry, is not easy to find your own smell.Typically, the main criteria are the prestige of the company and fashion, that is, the desire to emphasize the involvement of fashion and their status, personal taste preferences, romantic delicacy, a rarity.

And, if we define the distinctive smell of hard to find the fragrance for her man to make him a gift, is doubly difficult.Men rarely change their familiar smells, moreover, are often wary of something new and unfamiliar.

And for you, choose a gift a loved one, it is important not only to smell like him, but, of course, this fragrance should be fun and you, causing affection.Stars come to the rescue in this case.In astrology sign of Pisces is symbolized

by perfumes, and thus has a sensuality and mystery of Neptune, and the solemnity of the expansion of Jupiter, Venus charm.Let's consider another person's ability to smell, symbolized by Mars.If you listen to the stars, the spirits of the choice should be guided by intuition, promote harmony, both internal and external.

But every single sign of the zodiac have their own preferences and, choosing a gift for a loved one, consider them.

Aries always choose hot, dry, harsh, cardinal, masculine scent.

Taurus prefer cool, dry, strong, sweet, sugary scent.

Gemini like hot, humid, light, but most importantly, mobile, unstable smell of cosmetics.

Cancer will enjoy the cold, wet, harsh

a simple, homey, maternal, feminine fragrance.

Leo needs hot, dry, but always bright, expensive, elegant, velvety, sultry scent.

Virgin require cold, dry, light, modest, business, clean smell.

Libra prefer diversity - they want a hot, wet, sharp, as well as a refined, well-balanced light smell.

Scorpio likes cool, moist, but disturbing, passionate, strong odor.

Sagittarius want a hot, dry, light, noble, original, rich and prosperous flavor.

Capricorn choose cold, dry, austere, restrained, stylish, upmarket smell.

Aquarius - always give preference to hot, wet, tart, revolutionary, fashionable, avant-garde and free smell.

Fish rejoice in the smell of damp, light, sweet, cold, but not heavy, and the thin, delicate, elusive, romantic and soft.