Vladimir Vysotsky : frantic voice that shook the crowd

... July 25, 1980 Vladimir Vysotsky died ...

When celebrated the anniversary of a famous person in the country, usually people compare this event with their personal or family dates.Recalls sad - oh, there was a time, but has flowed through the sand.And what the people then living!As he worked, how he loved, as he sang, and how death was not afraid!

seventieth birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky and shook my memory.What is special, close relatives and unites me with this man?What?I never managed to get to his concerts, although he came to Samara.His films are always looked with internal tremor, jubilation and grief.Even then, it seemed to me that such as Volodya, do not last long.

Somehow, beside him I saw the image of my father.Perhaps most of all, because he had fought, and Vysotsky such tremendous beating in the very heart plexus songs.And not even the songs and ballads, legends, hymns, requiems ... "On the mass graves do not put crosses, and their widows are not weeping for them ...."And what a nagg

ing sadness filled his song-dedication "He did not return from the battle!"

At that time, I often met with war veterans, preparing materials for their lives, the front-line trials.And to tune in a fighting mood, before you put pen to paper, included an old "Dine" and hackneyed film sounded and it sounded hoarse, strained-drawling voice.The voice-alarm-like at times his intonation to the voice of our village mourners Andrianovna, my father's older sister.Her husband Nicholas died in the first month of the war, leaving her hands four children.When the villagers came home funerals, and there was no one to bury, then came Andrianovna and together with their families mourned the slain, grieving and its soldiers.

«Our dead will not leave us in trouble Our fallen - as time reflects the sky ... in the woods and in the water - and the trees are blue ..." - this quatrain opened my report devoted to sorrowful date - the anniversary of the beginning of the nextGreat Patriotic War.He was called "They did not return from battle ..." Then I wrote: "The lines of this famous, painfully aching songs of Vladimir Vysotsky remembered these days, not only by us, the young, not only those who went through the war.They are, it seems to me, sounded loudly as memorial prayer in this sad day of our grateful memory for the dead on the battlefields. "

I leaf through a collection of poems and songs of this talented composer, poet and singer, and I was literally attract its line of military subjects.Where the person stung war years only out of the corner, this visionary force such violent prayer for those who are unable to return from battle, who went into a deadly attack in the penal battalions ?!He knew for sure and predicted his poems - the time will come, and we say with bitterness in his own words: - "We did not have time, we do not have time to look back, and your sons, and your sons go into battle."

Another episode connected with the name of Vladimir Vysotsky.Kazan.1974 year.We pass the state exam in German language.Thank God, piled!To celebrate, we go to teacher's college dorm room, where the apartment is my colleague and fellow student Victor Kotov.Take the vodka, herring, potatoes in their jackets already comes in a sooty pot.We sit around the table.Well, at first!I - scented tea, the other can not be stronger.I wear my heart under pervenkogo.And too salty bought at my request.

Suddenly Victor breaks down, cut in radio.Mysteriously smiling, puts on a small disk plate."Who said that the earth is dead, no, she has hidden for a while ..." - by tearing the heart ringtone, we stayed up all night.They sang together with Volodya.They remembered his other songs, role, something is still very important, associated with his name.

eve, we rate all zhurotdeleniya KSU visited the House of Youth concert Klyachkin Evgeny, Leningrad Bard.Oh, then we listened to him as he listened to the songs, something in common with the songs of Vysotsky!Then Eugene was also not in favor, and it is native, it brings together two talented artists, poets and composers.Maybe, since that time, and was leaked to the memory of eldest son power bard songs, because vlazhneyut his eyes when listening to our old tapes.

... Moscow 80-ies.Queues everywhere and literally everything.Buy wallpaper for apartments, which we have just received, as a large family.Immediately send the rolls by mail and liberated to go out.From the dynamics of "Icarus" came the voice of the guide.Aha!Before the train, we still have time to explore the capital's sights.But it turns out, we were taken only at the cemetery Vagankovsky.Someone says, that just have to go out there and in order to stay on Vysotsky's grave.Almost at dusk we reach the place, regretting in advance that probably buried somewhere in the depths of the cemetery, and we can not make it ...

Conventional gates with massive brick pillars plastered.Some extension, where the workers at this hour of the evening took down a broom, a shovel.Silence.Peace.Variegated motley crowd thrown out of the bus and ... freezes.Not far from the entrance to the mountain of flowers, for some reason, a lot of gladioli, pale pink, scarlet.Not only the burial mound, but also close, two meters all nestled floral bedspread.And above all this decoration of his dark figure.Poet.Singer.Musician.Man.

first thought - the body inhibit dense, flowing veil.As Christ ... And his face, soothing, like not protesting ... Yet still ... deep wrinkles between the eyebrows, lips curved into a half smile or Nedopetaya phrase seeming humility ... No!He then did not keep himself, not hiding in a sweet and sticky stishonkah to please those at the top who are mortally afraid of his twenty years while he lived, talked, played, sang, righteousness and truth.

We did not have flowers.We did not have time to stay longer there next to him.And in the bustle of everyday life, and then years would erase this pattern, Al, no fights in memory stubborn thread.

He died at the same age as my father.He is the same age as one of my older sisters, which by nature is very similar to Vladimir Vysotsky.Straight-forward and hot in business and work very musical and sensitive to other people's misfortunes.With his songs I went to the service of my brother-twins Kolya.There, with the guitar-nerazluchnitsey, it is easier to serve and work together with friends - the construction of buildings on stroybatovtsami VAZ.Seeing how some of his game, noted an interesting detail - he hits the strings in the manner of Vladimir Vysotsky.Only the voice of his brother sounds more melodious, louder, and his songs he performs in his own way.

strange thing.A good man is always someone you recalled because getting closer and clearer.So were my cousins, those children killed in the war soldier Nikolai Mamonov and widow prichitalschitsy Paraskevi Andrianovna that after military service was brought to the village of Vysotsky's songs.And they sang them as people.

And we rehearsed them when the crowd went to the hay.There, in the midday slumber, after hot working rang in the shade of willows guitar and voice Volodya and Petya - my melodious village bards."Something priverrredlivye horses I run into ..." - they were taken out hoarsely.Our collective farm groom veteran Uncle Vanya Chekanov shkondylyaya a wooden leg around a hitching post, fondly looking at primorennyh heat konyashek mind and without malice: "Mozha, you are choosy, and my tame.Sing, sing, robyaty, too painful for the soul takes its yazvi.Tear break through! »