The history of tea

What tea comes from China, probably know, everything.But where did the word itself - "tea"?In their homeland, tea has more than a hundred titles.The most common - "cha", which means "young leaf".

word uttered in his own way in every province.Thus, in the northern province of Hankou, which is traditionally traded in Russia, it is called "tea", and in the southeastern port city of Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Sanmyn where long moored ships from Europe, the tea called "tea" or "ti".Hence, different name beloved drink "tea" - in Russian and in most Slavic languages, "ti" or "te" - in Western.

Europeans learned about tea in the XVI century, but for over two hundred years was used only as a medicine drink: drink it with a cold and loss of strength.Astringent tea infusion seemed simple and tasteless compared to coffee and chocolate, all have their favorite.But first the British appreciated the tea flavor, and with their light hand tea came into use other inhabitants of Europe, won the sympathy of the Americans, and

even Indians.

Surprisingly, India, the famous modern tea exporter, met this drink only in the late XIX century.Moreover, the tea plants are growing there since time immemorial, but only interested in them Buddhist monks.

Today tea cultivation on an industrial scale are engaged in 30 countries around the world, including in Russia.However, only five of tea producing areas of higher grade tea.These include plantations, located above a thousand meters above sea level.In China, it's Yunnan and Fujian, Japan - Uji, India - Darjeeling, Sri Lanka - South Ceylon.

«Indian tea" and "Ceylon tea" - it's just the general concepts, say nothing about the features of a variety of Indian and Ceylon tea.After all, the quality of tea is determined not only a place of growth, but also the time and manner of harvesting, primary processing and final character, etc.

understand all these subtleties can be done only professionals - Taster, who are engaged in the selection of tea material known chaetorgovyh firms and compiling blends of teas certain brands, and those who just love tea, is to trust their experience and enjoy this wonderful and healthy drinks.

(To be continued)