Grumpy ?Immediately divorce !

Of course, it is better not to know what the divorce.But, alas, it happens sometimes, often enough.And, it turns out, divorced people (as, indeed, get married) in different countries in different ways.Moreover, some of the laws and customs have been known since ancient times, and successfully survived to our days.

• In India, for example, in the second millennium BC men had the right only to divorce.According to the then existing law, "the wife does not give birth to children, can be a variable in the eighth year, giving birth only to girls - on the eleventh, but quarrelsome - immediately."

• In ancient China, the husband had the right to expel a wife for treason, disobedience, gossiping, excessive jealousy.

• In Turkey, according to the Sharia, if a woman opened her face alien man, her marriage annulled.

• Shiites living in Iraq, there are two kinds of divorce: divorce is final and that ... we can take back if in the course of the year the couple reconciled.But after that time the divorce is final

to the husband to pay the wife a certain amount.

• In Japan, the reason for the divorce may serve as the complaint of her husband that his wife sleeps in the ugly position.

• In England, the divorce is not allowed, if both spouses require a direct - through the local laws of only one of the spouses can file for divorce.

• Aboriginal Australia becomes a bachelor, if he says to his wife, a single word: "Go away!" The woman to get a divorce, must have strong evidence that the husband - an incorrigible philanderer.

• Do Malagasies, natives of Madagascar, there are temporary divorce - in their minds, it prevents more complex family conflicts.Divorce is taken, for example, if the husband is leaving on a long trip.And when her husband returns, there is a solemn renewal of marriage.It is curious that while none of the spouses does not have an interest in what was going on in his absence.

• In Italy, still the husband the right to demand a divorce if the wife makes him wash dishes or do other household work.One Milanka already today I beg to differ with this cause, but the court found the action of his wife "a serious insult law" and granted her husband's request for divorce.

• Fittszherapd John Glenn, a judge in the US state of Nevada, specializes in "collective" divorce proceedings.When his office recruited 400 petitions, he invites everyone into the yard builds ships and divorcing semicircle.And then he asks if they agree to dissolve the marriage.When, in response to receiving a unanimous "yes" straight from the mouths of 800, said Glenn completed the procedure.Required documents gives Office.