How we spend your vacation?

Oh this holiday !!!At first he did not wait, and then toil in idleness, not knowing where to stick yourself, and you walk just to talk, he suddenly comes to an end, and need to go back to work!And when the rest ??

But if you think that last year's vacation is not a success, you do not rest, as it should, then do the right conclusions and think about the organization of your vacation in advance, before the day when you wake up in the morning, suddenly aware that the workYou do not need to go.So what should you bear in mind that your vacation was complete, and the memories of holidays keep you warm throughout the year?

Firstly, you need to know: doctors and psychologists say that you need to rest for at least two weeks, especially if you plan to travel to another time zone or climate.This means that the release be considered a short break for a few days or a week, you can not, so make sure you were to relax, at least two weeks.

Secondly, try to vacation days, a change of scenery.If you are not able to

go to rest at a spa or in a sightseeing trip, you get the opportunity to live in the country or to arrange attacks on nature.And be sure to spend more time outdoors.

, however, is not worth the risk if you do not have special training, do not arrange for an active holiday: hiking rafting or kayaking, a trip to the mountains and so on.Impressions, perhaps you will remain, but relax you will hardly be able to, because the body will be a long time to recover from the unexpected stress for yourself.

important component of a successful holiday will be able to sleep well at night.Forget the radio and TV, reading nights, night clubs and discos.A quiet evening with your loved one next to relax and bring you joy and opportunities for recreation longer than the noise and din of grand entertainment.

If you feel very tired and waiting for holidays would not plan a trip away from home or in different exotic countries.Of course, you distracted from everyday worries and work, but the body as a whole, rather than to rest and gather strength, is half the time to deal with acclimatization, and even with unknown microorganisms.In short, you will appear on the tanned, full of impressions, but no less tired than before the holidays.

should not on vacation and fully relax, maintain plant life, all day lounging on the couch with a book and looking exclusively at meal.Two or three days, the kind of life it is possible to afford, but no more, otherwise you finally "rastreniruete" remaining muscles, lungs and razbalansiruete nervous and cardiovascular systems.The same effect you will achieve if all the time will be carried out in the premises.All is good in moderation, so records of activity to put too to anything.Walking in the fresh air, exercise, hiking in the park or in the woods, to the ponds, swimming, etc. -. All this will fill you with strength and health.

If you like sunbathing, you still observe the measure, as well as in the reception of strong drinks in the hope that they are well relax.The best time for sunbathing - up to 11 and after 16 hours.And even then, it is advisable not to lie motionless in the sun, and move.

required in vacation time, take care of yourself.You will be able to look after themselves without haste.For skin care is good to use herbs, vegetables and fruits, which are so rich in the summer.And if you're in the hot days use cosmetics, make sure to match the weather.

in tourist trips try not to overload yourself experiences and continual visits to the attractions - you can not cover everything in a short time.You just get tired and will bring in the head porridge of scraps of what he saw.Be sure to leave time for a leisurely stroll to new places, allow yourself to experience the atmosphere of another city, to feel his aura and charm, to see how people live.Do not spend a lot of time and effort on tedious shopping - better buy souvenirs looking at them you will long remember the pleasant trip, which rested so wonderful.