Green tea - a panacea for many ills

Most people over the other types of tea prefer baikhovi black leaf tea.It's amazing persistent addiction: it is stored for at least 150 years.But green tea is much better, he has a much more pronounced tonic properties.

Maybe the fact that the green - it's tea-aristocrat.Green tea originally cost 10 times more expensive than black, and was available very narrow circle, as in Soviet times, he almost did not meet the market.

Meanwhile, green tea - a unique phenomenon.Vitamin complex of green tea - C, P, B2, PP, K - has a high biological activity.It eliminates the increased permeability of the vessel walls, making them more elastic and gives the skin a healthy look, eliminating it from excessive dryness, increases the body's defenses in general.

Chinese doctors established in ancient times that the infusion of green tea has high antimicrobial activity, it even kills pathogens dysentery and typhoid.The special bactericidal ability was observed in green tea on the third day welding.

Those who drink green

tea are constantly, normalizes the bowels, and the whole body is purified of toxins.Beneficial effect this amazing drink on the kidneys and liver: where green tea - the main drink, do not know what kidney stones and cholelithiasis.

For colds green tea is irreplaceable: expanding the pores, it promotes perspiration and stimulates the respiratory function.Strong green tea containing relatively large amounts of caffeine, normalizes blood pressure, hypotension, relieves headaches.

In addition, green tea, rich in iron salts, has hematopoietic function - increases the level of hemoglobin.It helps to carry and nausea (during pregnancy).It's enough to sip a half a cup of freshly brewed green tea unheated or just chew it (dry).

extraordinarily important discovery made not so long ago, Japanese scientists involved in the influence of radiation on the human body.It appeared green tea tannins efficiently (90%), bind radioactive strontium and do not give it to penetrate into the bone marrow.

Today, green tea can be purchased without any problems, and the price for it is not higher than black.It is only important that it be of high quality.