The shortest way to a man's heart

Unrequited love ... In the old days it was, it seems, is easier: go to the witch-grandmother, to which even your mother went, and get a love potion, ready-to-eat or concentrate from specially prepared membranes bat and driedtoads.Give it to drink or eat hard-heartedness - and we're done: he looks at you different eyes.

now offers a myriad of sorcerers, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants and magicians of all kinds.Moreover, neotorye guarantee the result even 1000%, without explaining what would happen as a result.But let's not take a chance - albeit unrequited, but still love!Instead, try to find yourself the most love potion by which the subject responds desires!

The starting point is clear: It is well known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!What is necessary to treat a loved one to excite and enhance his feelings?In ancient Greece, a good "bewitching" fame enjoyed fish dishes.Thus, the first recipe is ready: feed elect heart as often as seafood as possible!Fish with abundant flavor, try

ginger, cinnamon and onions, in the extreme case, only the onion.

Tomatoes in the old days was called "love apples" - "Pomme d'amo-re."So snacks are served on a salad of fresh tomatoes, seasoned with parsley, garlic and mint.

Then go to the first dish.Love the soup usually involves finely mashed garlic, pepper, celery and truffles (Madame de Pompadour recipe).With truffles probably have difficulties, all the rest is quite accessible.

Next comes the main course, as we have already agreed, - fish.Catherine de Medici encouraged to submit to it the artichokes, which she highly valued as the causative agent of love.Their current substitute - mashed potatoes.Do not despair if something will not find on sale: According to modern experts, any product, rich in easily digestible protein - love potion!

Finally ASIC chosen "tea."To the question: "What are you prepared ?!- With a sweet smile, replied: "This is the best tea AH you, darling!" "Tea" is prepared as follows: 4 pinches of thyme, 2 pinches of mint and a pinch of rosemary (you can substitute green tea), pour into a thermos half a liter of boiling water, and after 10 minutesready to drink."Tea," this should be drunk within three months alone, at night, as did Tristan and Isolde.Success is guaranteed!

Well, what if you get a wound not healing heart?Come to the aid otvorotnoe potion, namely chocolate.They say that regular consumption of chocolate reduces stress.Just beware: fascinated by sweets, you can spoil the shape.

Oh if there is bewitching and otvorotnye potions can not be "the turning of the gate" - when you have to get rid of the annoying boyfriend.This potion every woman has their own, but often they do not advise to use: all the fans of our time on the road is not lying!