Dizzy smell

abundance of smells dizzy.Like everything, and so it is difficult to focus on one thing.It turns out that, in the end, choose the familiar, familiar smell, and in fact was the idea to buy something new.

By perfume is not necessary to treat the choice as to the choice of a husband - to a lifetime.Aromas can and should be changed, but not dramatically.If you have always preferred the bitter and cold shades of smell, it is not necessary to buy a sweet flavor is just choose a slightly different shade, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.

To make a successful purchase, the main thing - do not rush.It is better to postpone the purchase the next day to have time to settle down the impressions in the mind.If you've decided not to go out of the store empty-handed, but they find it difficult to make a choice, then put your trust in the seller-consultant, but clearly specify their wishes, for example: the smell should be "fresh", "citrus" and be sure to mark your age.

Now you need to decide what you want to b

uy: perfumes or water?

perfume (parfum, extrait) give bright intense smell and is considered an active component of an evening dress.Unlike perfume, eau de parfum (eau de perfume) is less concentrated, so it is recommended that you use during the day.This is especially true for those who spends all day in the office, where the smells are mixed.

Eau de Toilette (eau de toilette) - it is light, airy and unobtrusive aromas.Therefore, they recommended that the summer heat.The same light scents are more suitable for women, and after fifty years.And yet, the toilet water is recommended to use those who have suffered an illness or an operation - during illness skin changes its smell.

Capricious fashion exists and spirits.Each year, the perfumery industry produces about 100 new fragrances.This year, the fashion on the deeper eastern odors.So, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have released a new fragrance "The OneĀ», which contains notes of mandarin, peach, jasmine, vanilla, ambergris, musk.Leading firms are trying to keep up with fashion, and even moved away from the prim Chanel classics and has brought in a new fragrance Chanel oriental notes.

But choosing your perfume, do not chase after all the innovations - most importantly, find your scent.And, any expensive perfume you can always find the same "clone" with a reasonable price.

Starting from the selection of its smell, do not try to perenyuhat as many flavors - two or three is more than enough, otherwise the impression mixed up.To correctly identify the smell, it is necessary at a distance of half a meter spray on a strip of paper (usually they are in the perfume stores) chosen perfume.Then apply a drop from the bottle on her skin.

Going shopping for perfume, make sure nothing else, your skin does not smell (soap, shower gel).Skin perfume should be applied necessarily, because the most important thing - it is to be combined with the selected smell natural smell of your skin, because the same perfume smells different people differently.

If you were unable to select the right, grab the paper strips with marked smells with you - they last longer than the skin, keep the smell.After some time, you will be able to smell again the strip and see whether it's your scent.

Have fun shopping!