Red tea

tea lovers probably know how many varieties of tea and a view there.Already familiar to us black, green tea have become part of everyday life, giving us not only a wonderful taste, but also useful medicinal properties.But the story of what are the red varieties of tea, how to brew it, what features they differ.

Lizhi huncha Tea (Red Tea with lychee fruit aroma) - it is the Chinese, red tea, which has been restored according to ancient recipes tea manufacturers in the late twentieth century.In June, China's mature exotic fruit litchi, here it is full of flavor and the red tea.Tea Lizhi huncha very good for winter use, as warm and reminiscent of summer, pore trees and flowering grasses.It has all the healing properties inherent in tea, red.Brew Tea Lizhi huncha must be no more than 5 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C.

Guihua huncha (Sweet Tea Ottoman) - this is the Chinese oolong tea from Guangxi province, which is used to manufacture only two types of cinnamon-tree flowers, flowering 10-15 days.T

he infusion of this tea has the aroma of apricot and his own taste.This tea can be found on a large number of gold dried flowers.Brew Guihua huncha need 5 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C.

dianhong Tea (Red Tea with land Dian) - a rare red Chinese tea luxury of Yunnan Province.The history of tea is dianhong that existed in southwest China two thousand years ago by ancient Dian kingdom which is characterized by high and distinctive and unique culture.This tea is made from the buds and young leaves of the best varieties of tea Yunnan large leaf tea variety.Tea dianhong exported to America and Europe since 1939.It insists it has a golden color, distinct, unique taste, a pleasant floral aroma and taste of dried fruit.It cleans the blood, restores the nervous system, dilates blood vessels.Brew Tea dianhong should be no more than 4-5 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C.

Red Tea (Black) peony - this is the Chinese oolong tea, which is produced in the form of a flower, connected manually.Grown on high altitude plantations in south-western China.Delicate tea leaves, carefully and accurately collected immediately undergo a process of fermentation.This is a rare and very useful for health tea, studies have shown that it is Red Tea (Black) peony better than others contributes to the continuation of life and boosts immunity.Brewing this tea is a magnificent sight: flower like blossoms and comes alive.It insists it has a reddish-brown color and velvety taste tart.Brewing tea with hot water of not more than 4 minutes at 95 ° C in a glass container, it is possible to make several times.

Tsihun Tea (Keemun) - this is the Chinese oolong tea, which is grown since 1875 in Qimen County, Anhui Province, at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.Collection of leaves is carried out four times.In the production of tea Tsihun (Keemun) leaves all four charges are mixed with tea leaves of other varieties.Tsihun Tea (Keemun) is a shiny black tea leaves color in the finished form, it is divided into five standards.The infusion of this tea has an intense red color with bright taste and very pleasant aftertaste.It is among the three most fragrant black tea in the world.Tsihun Tea (Keemun) is very strong, so do not take a lot of tea infuser.This tea improves the work of the stomach and a very good warmth.Brew it should be no more than 5 minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C.