What is it - a real tea?

How do you know whether tea is good that you bought?To do this, you need to know that the quality of green tea recognize the color of tea leaves.They should be light green, pistachio color, with a matte golden or silvery sheen.Greyish and earthy-green tint indicate that the tea is made with violations of technology or improperly stored.

If you want to try this wonderful drink, do not forget that the brewed green tea is not quite as black.To properly brew green tea, you need to:

- teapot should be well warmed up several times pour over boiling water and then dried

- green tea for brewing take the rate of 40-50 grams of PA 200 milliliters of water.Pushing it at least 7-8 minutes, or flavorings not have time to go into solution.First, pour hot water (not boiling!) Dry leaves, 3 minutes later topped Kettle half, and after a few minutes - to the brim

- green tea can be brewed 2-3 times, pouring boiling water over the leaves asleep.Some people find that after a second brewing green tea even more deli

cious.But fragrant and tasty green tea in a different way than the black.Present its taste - astringent taste reminiscent of grape seeds.Color of the brew - light, yellow or greenish.Green tea is fine in itself, without anything, but it is good combined with lemon or lemongrass syrup, not to mention jasmine flowers.

With regard black tea , quality criteria he has such:

- the color of tea leaves: sleek black, maybe with a reddish, bluish or orange tint.Pale brown or gray tea leaves evidence of abuse or processing that was used crude, obsolete raw

- degree torsion leaves: the tighter the better.High-quality tea is rolled tightly, and because of this his tea leaves - resilient, unbreakable.If the tea at pressing crumbles easily, it means that he does not first grade

- the size of tea leaves: leaf, whole tea retains better flavor, less absorb moisture and odors.However, fans of strong tea are more suited sliced ‚Äč‚Äčteas - they are faster to make and easier to give extractives.

And about tips. Tipsy - this silvery tips of the youngest tea twigs, covered with delicate white fluff (fluff stored and processed tea).This tips give the tea flavor, so the more the tea tips, so it is better.