Unlucky Lenka ( Christmas story)

Alarm hysterically shouted in his ear.Lenka stuck out from under the blanket foot and slammed the Service by domes.Stoked is bad, and the apartment was terribly cold, so get out of the warm berlozhki arranged two blankets, did not want to.

- Five more minutes, lie down and get up, - decided Lenka - just get up.Do not change due to any accident five minutes.

course, she immediately fell asleep again and, of course, slept.When jumped, time no longer had any breakfast, any fees.Hectic rushing from room to room, while she was trying to brush your teeth with one hand, and the second stretch tights.Bumps into things, stumbling, and jumped like a grasshopper opoloumevshy.

departure from the apartment, headlong raced up the stairs, jumping over the steps - already knew: if the day in the morning went wrong, you can not call the elevator and - just does not work.Lena lived on the ninth floor.And if she bought some heavy things or dragged home a huge bag of groceries, elevator did not work ever.Just quietly sc

urrying between the floors, he got up at once, rooted to the spot, Helen had only to touch the button.

She slammed the door and the driveway to a stop.Buses like extinct.Shifting from one foot to the other and slowly freezing, Lenka was thinking sadly:

- Why am I so unlucky.Always late, elevator breaks down in front of me, the buses do not go to the store items in it to me ... And so in all.Why?

Indeed Helen chronically unlucky.Not with anything!Her Knights, which on one hand can be counted, always dissolved in the space, forgetting even call to say goodbye.At work, it is always shpynyat boss, once and for choosing "the girl to beat."In everyday terms Lenka all broke and collapsed, burned out appliances, unable to work, taps flowing, flooding the neighbors below.Always like this.Lenkina mother often sighed: - "And you're just born a so unlucky?" So called Lenka all friends and relatives - Unlucky Lenka.Just as in the film with Pierre Richard.

Finally, crawled to a halt crowded bus.Something like squeezed into Lenka, hanging on the handrail, feeling like someone crush her legs and pushes hard elbows.

- But today, December 31 New Year.He can go to someone for a visit in the evening?No, I'm not going anywhere.I'll sit at home alone.Better sleep zalyagu.You go to their parents, have the whole evening to listen to what she is unsettled Lenka-unlucky.And go to the friend?What was she to do?All come with their husbands or suitors.And I will sit as the outsider, always spill something, and I will be embarrassed and ashamed.No, I'd rather stay at home.

jumped out of the bus and in the process lost two buttons on coats, Lenka galloped to the company's door, where for two years she worked as an accountant after graduation.The company was large, and accountants, who worked up a sweat and without it, was enough.Supervised accounting department is high and stately Masha nicknamed Harpy.And, for some reason, I did not like it Lenka catastrophically.It seems to be working for two Lenka, and never refused further popyhtet, but ... Or maybe just the other girls knew how to cleverly otbrehivatsya in response to the attacks boss?Lenka did not know how - to stand, blushed and said nothing.Therefore, it is always on it and tear anger Masha.

Here and now, of course, Helen was lucky, "as a drowned man."Before she could fly into the office as soon ran into Harpy.That its, already tight, his lips thinned and stretched the beginning:

- Well, of course.Who would doubt who else we can so late.Kovalev only.For her work schedule because there is no, She's with us special.Just princess ....

and "start, boil, gone."Twenty minutes Lenka pesochila a snide glances girls.In general, "Congratulations" Happy New Year, create incentives for active labor.A Lenka. ... And Lena stood silent, blushing.After listening notation, sideways, sideways made her way to his seat, caught on the sharp corner of the table and ripped tights, new, just bought yesterday, it is for the crazy money for Lenka.I decided to treat yourself to a holiday.The saleswoman assured me that these tights no storms, thunderstorms are not terrible, even with a parachute jump in them.I did not know the saleswoman that these tights will get unlucky Helen.

Lenka buried in his papers, having dug deeper, to see no one.Around all the whispering, the New Year celebration discuss who will go where, who wears what.What Helen discuss?There is nothing.

(To be continued)