What do moles ?

Astrologers say that, depending on how the moles are located on the human body, it is possible to predict his destiny and learn about the many features of the character.If you are interested and already stretches to the mirror, be careful!Firstly, you need to know: it is considered, the more the mole, the gravitas of its properties and its predicted thoroughly impending events, rounder than a mole, so a good omen.If the mole is convex, the fate of it very happy.Oval or elongated mole bring bad luck, which is more serious than the darker stain.

And, of course, what is important is where exactly is a mole.If a birthmark:

- eyebrows: on the right eyebrow - early and happy marriage, on the left - on the contrary

- the eye area: a spot in the corner of the eye speaks of a calm and balanced character

- cheeks: on the right - the stormy love experiences, successful marriage - on the left - the difficulties in achieving success, failures in his personal life

- on the nose: success in many cases

- the lips: sign of cheerful nature, coquetry,sensuality, as well as reluctance to impose the extra responsibility

- chin: poor health

- on the neck: lot of success and frustration, unexpected inheritance, failure at first, but success ultimately.Birthmark in the center of the neck is a successful marriage materially

- chest: spunky temperament often leads to absurd affections.In the middle - a good income, but do not bring a large state

- waist: indicates the fertility of women.The larger the spot, the more numerous posterity

- on his stomach: tendency to indulge their weakness, laziness, and perhaps greed

- on the back: honesty and generosity, but the arrogance and narcissism.If a birthmark is sitting very low, it indicates indulgence

- on hips: strong, healthy children, and many grandchildren

- shoulders: on the right - the woman luck in many cases - on the left - it shouldbe prepared to financial difficulties

- on the hands: woman theirs fascinating career, happiness, wealth

- on the forearms: a woman has a gift that will bring success and happiness

- ankle: independencediligence, vigor

- on his knees: the right - carefree marriage and financial security, to the left - fussiness

- on the foot of the right leg: love for traveling.On the left - ingenuity.

- genitals: say that a woman can give birth to a child genius.