White tea

Drinking white tea has come into our lives because of the Emperor Chen-Nana.Once he was sitting in the garden and drank hot boiled water.Suddenly it fell into his cup a few leaves of the tea tree.The drink, which turned out, shook the emperor, so it was tasty, full-bodied and refreshing.Since then, the leaves of the tree began to brew tea for the emperor.

White tea is grown mainly in China camellia plantation.First of all, even before the first tender green leaves, buds collect flower tea.Buds at this time is still covered with a white shell, so tea is called "white".Varieties of white tea is grown not only in China but also in Japan and in India.

Gather these buds twice a year, in April and September, early in the morning, two hours in two days, and collectors should not eat spices, used in food onion, garlic, and drink alcohol, not to spoil the flavor of theseleaves.

After collecting all the buds and leaves keep a couple of not more than one minute, and then dried.Leaflets tea are natural greenish

color and do not fold.So it turns out the most natural and organic teas from all known.

This is a very rare kind of tea, and therefore, this tea is more expensive compared to all our known species.

White tea has very valuable properties, for example, there are three times more antioxidants than black tea.Free radicals in our body cause weakening of muscle tissue, and antioxidants help to fight them.

Scientists investigated White Tea and proved that it contains more active ingredients that help prevent cancer.even than in green tea.

Varieties of white tea, there are many names they sound very lyrically: golden moon, a white cloud, silver needle, white peony ...

White tea is used not only as a drink - it is widely used in cosmetology in fitogeli, creams for face and body.

One of the most famous varieties of white tea - tea White Peony (Bai Mudan) - a Chinese white tea from Fujian province, produced from tender white buds and first leaves, this way and there was tea name.The degree of fermentation (fermentation) - 7.5%.Since white tea is not exposed to mechanical or thermal treatment, it retains maximum medical properties.

White tea strengthens the immune system, increases blood clotting, helps heal wounds.It also prevents the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even saves from caries.

White tea drink enough light, so it should be quite a bit for brewing, but it is better to make tea weak, not strong - then the taste will be more bright and saturated.Brew white tea should be not too hot water (50-70 C).And, most interestingly, it can be brewed several times.

Tea Silver Needle (Silver Tips) - Chinese white tea from Fujian province.Is formed only from the buds and first leaves, it has a distinct aroma of a wonderful and rare for a long aftertaste.The infusion of this tea is a kind of color - rather pale, with a barely noticeable beige shade.It promotes increase of immunity, it helps to lower high blood pressure and is a prophylactic against cancerous diseases.Brew only when the water temperature of 50-70 C for up to 3 minutes, and as in the first case the brewing tea can be several times.