Nutritional Supplements : Pros and Cons

about dietary supplements, especially those with the letter "E", explains so much contradictory that we would like to understand what it is at all, and as food additives are harmful, useful and even necessary.

heard about the terrible chemicals that modern manufacturers' nashpigovyvayut "products in order to improve their appearance, taste and safety, we are wary of all food additives with index E. Meanwhile, among them many substances good for us to know,such as salt, baking soda, pepper, vinegar and so on. d.

food additives called all natural or artificially synthesized substances introduced into food to improve production technology, maintain or improve the taste, shelf life extension.

best properties of food additives is their complete biological inertness in the human body.The more a food additive behaves, the more dangerous it is considered, and the use of food additives are permitted only if they are even with prolonged use does not threaten human health.

Naturally, before we get to the tabl

e, all food additives are thoroughly comprehensive study.Researchers verify these substances not only the toxicity, which refers to the toxic properties of the substances, but also on the allergenicity, as well as long-term consequences of application - the opportunity to participate additive and its derivatives in the formation of genetic mutations or carcinogens.

Experiments with food additives are carried out on different kinds of animals, and on several of their generations.Food additive is permitted for use only when the most modern research methods did not reveal any abnormalities.This allowed the dose of this additive will be a hundred times lower than the experimental.

But we should know that any substance, even a fully tested and studied, may suddenly show toxic properties at certain coincidence of circumstances unknown to science.Therefore, speaking about the safety of food additives, it is required to take into account the conditions of use.In other words, if you are using a substance adhered to the established technological norms and rules of production of the product in general, it is safe for humans.

If the preparation conditions were violated, and the concentration change - the substance becomes potentially dangerous.A simple example - acetic acid: one of concentration - vinegar that gives spicy sour dishes, and the other - a potent substance that causes chemical burns.

MAC values ​​for dietary supplements derived experimentally and correspond to the doses that do not cause variations in the human health even if they consume daily for an arbitrarily long time.Therefore, self-respecting manufacturer would not knowingly exceed the maximum permissible concentration (MPC), as if it it may be beneficial.