Creative gift on March 8

Spring and sunny holiday - March 8 can not but rejoice beautiful half of humanity, which is not the male population.The reason for the excitement of men immediately clear: the problem of choosing a gift.

Choose a gift a loved one - a mother or a beloved woman seems tense and complex undertaking, and what can we say about such distant the female as a neighbor, client, or employee at work who are also waiting for congratulations and gifts ?!

But nowhere to go, because the holiday is fast approaching.So, first decide which of the women around will not be enough cards with mental words, and make a list of those for whom you have to find a worthy gifts.And we have prepared for you some tips!

Gift №1

Gift this type is done personally, with a minimum of costs and expenses, in this case, you can do even without glue, scissors, and other usual attributes.The only thing that needs to be done - well chosen pictures of women, combine them into a program for creating collages, and bring on a printout.You will t

hen need a beautiful frame - and the gift is ready!

Gift №2

a great gift for your favorite woman can serve as an ordinary game of "Twister."Mischievous, playful, interesting, it allows not only enough to laugh, but also enjoy the close proximity of a loved one.

Gift №3

great gift for boss or employee, often terrorizing colleagues at work, a kitchen knife rack.Perhaps she can become a worthy hint tame his ardor.

Gift №4

For women who are not thinking of his life without a computer and the Internet, a wonderful gift that will always remind about cleaning, cooking and other household affairs, will flash - drive in the form of clothespins.

Gift №5

ladies, hard decision, you can present fateful ball that will know in advance the correct answers to questions.Women like it refer to it with the solution of the question of whether she should wear jeans or another, to visit or not.

Gift №6

After a hard day, every woman wants to relax and feel like in paradise.So why not arrange this paradise for it?Massage and a nice bath - not the final list of relaxing treatments.Why not give a woman a piece of the sky and the ocean lapping, which creates an atmosphere of original lamp ...

Gift №7

Every woman loves to take different images: a gentle cat or a socialite, the only question is, what conditions will be standing in front of her.In the professional photographer photo shoot will open in a woman hitherto unexplored and burning images, leaving them eternal memory in the photograph.These photos can not only decorate the apartment but the main picture on the social networks.

Gift №8

No one can renounce the sweet life, women are no exception, especially when it comes to their youth and beauty.Sweet procedures are no longer spa novelties, but equally well popular among women of all ages.Presenting a certificate for such procedures can be seen incommensurate with your spending joy in the eyes of a loved one.

gift №9

Women are fond of photography, be sure to evaluate the thermos, resembling the camera.The original gift - a thermos, also useful, it will please your girlfriend, not only its appearance but also the content, for example, well-brewed coffee.

Gift №10

Classics of the genre is the most common, but nevertheless, the most precious gift - a man's attention.Flowers, chocolates, and not only its half, but the mother, colleague, boss, and a distant cousin - all this will not go unnoticed and do their job - to conquer women's hearts.