Vegetarianism : make your choice !

«There is a need to be able to, but imagine - most people do not know how to eat.We need to know not only that, but when and how ... »

Mikhail Bulgakov

you thought about your diet?And what do you know about vegetarianism?In stores now you can see lots of different fruits and vegetables.Their beauty and multicolored pleasing to the eye, here everyone can choose everything you need for the most refined taste.

When we go into a meat market or a department store, we see the split carcass, sawn bones and joints, internal organs, blood - agree that this show does not give joy.

This stark contrast suggests: if a person's time to move to the appropriate structure and its innate instincts diet.

In nature, the life of any living being is sacred and if we have someone unnecessarily kill for the sake of his appetite, it is nothing but a violation of the laws of nature.And the plants and animals choose their food, guided only by his instinct, but civilized man has developed consciousness must choose their ow

n food, guided by higher considerations.Based on all the above, it can be assumed that vegetarianism - it is a diet of our future.

Shortage of water on the ground, human use of "chemistry" speaks of the need to revise our attitude to what we eat in growing animals and killing them, and changing environmental conditions on human health.

Plant foods leads to normal all the functions of the body, contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system, cleanses our body of toxins, so we hear more and more about improving the health of those who switched to vegetarianism.

main provisions of vegetarianism:

1. this is not just a system of power, it is a philosophical doctrine that has moral basis

2. main slogan, "I did not eat," that is, the rejection of food of animal origin, associated with the killing of animals

3. The belief that the human body is better adapted to the consumption of plant foods:

- human saliva is released abundantly for digestion of starch and not to wet food as animals

- tooth system is arranged for tearing meat

- lengthbowel in humans is much longer than the animal

- breast milk contains a lot of milk sugar as opposed to the animal.

useful if vegetarianism?That's what the scientists say about it.There are two types of vegetarianism:

- old orthodox vegetarianism or when a person refuses even to milk and dairy products, as well as honey, which entails a deficiency of zinc, iron, calcium and certain vitamins and acids.

Such a system is not suitable for long-term supply.It can be used for a short time, such as for treatment of certain diseases, and it is only after the patient will receive a doctor's recommendation

- young or vegetarian ovo-lacto vegetarianism when a person along with plant food, gets the most valuable substances from milk and eggs.Such vegetarianism good for healthy people, and in some diseases, such as gout, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis.But the transition to vegetarianism, the sick person should be sure to consult with your doctor.

Experts do not recommend to switch to vegetarianism for children and young boys and girls, as their bodies are not fully grown and is in the stage of intensive growth.Not recommended vegetarianism and elderly people because their body is weakened, and the transition to vegetarianism is a certain amount of stress.You can not switch to a vegetable diet during pregnancy.All other people will have to choose what and how they eat.