How to buy a good tea

We have already talked about the tea classification, features of different varieties of tea, depending on the area of ​​growth.You already know how to recognize - quality tea if you have bought.But to really choose the best tea, you need to know what is behind this or that brand of tea.Some brands of tea, there are now in stores, we'll tell you.

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«Lipton» .The fact that tea is brewed in a different water in different ways, known for hundreds of years, but the use of this fact in commercial practice for the first time it occurred to employees of the company, founded by Thomas Lipton.The company's specialists were blends of tea, it is based on the features of the local water, that is, the inhabitants of the town with the soft water was offered a different mixture of tea, than the inhabitants of areas with hard water.Because of this attention to consumer tastes tea brand "Lipton" quickly won the love of England.The principle of the best preserved brewing firm to this day, "Lipton" are sold

all over the world, but for every country (every water!) - Its composition.

«Ahmad» .The main feature of teas sold under this brand - their delicacy, or weak expression of taste.The fact that the British traditionally prefer drinks with a sharp flavor and a heavy scent, designed for use with milk or cream.In pure form, such teas seem rude, what can not be said about the teas "Ahmad" (although they produce all known London firm).

«Twinning» .The English firm "Twinning" - one of reverence: it was established in 1701.Today, "Twining" produces about 15 kinds of high quality tea.Known to everyone living in the British Isles "Irish morning" and "English morning" - a mixture of vysokoekstraktivnyh varieties of Indian and Ceylon tea.They have a "persistent" taste, and drink their milk better."Chinese black Twinning" - a South China the highest quality tea.It is usually flavored ylang-ylang and bergamot.

Gourmet "The Prince of Wales» - a mixture of the best Indian and Chinese brands.This really sweet (it smells of honey and zest) drink for the evening tea parties and never with anything do not mix.

Darvilles of Windsor .Make high-end tea, which enjoys great respect in the world - it is produced under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II.Packaged in a tin container or a high-end smart wooden boxes, Darvilles of Windsor considered not just the best of teas - it is also the best gift to someone who loves tea.

NEWBY .It's a whole family of English teas, featuring a wide range of taste.Among the teas of the brand and a strong Indian "Assam", which gives a characteristic crimson-brown brew with a frankly "London" taste and "Ceylon", with its refreshing aroma and citrus notes, and the famous "Earl Grey", made from a mixture of tea, giving light, light infusion with surprising, as if the smell of summer wild pear.A special place among teas NEWBY takes "Indian breakfast" - a mixture of the best varieties of Indian "Darjeeling" (he gives the infusion of fruit and muskatnyi taste) and "Assam", from which the tea acquires a beautiful ruby ​​color.Experts recognize "Indian breakfast" one of the most harmonious of teas.

«Dunhuang» .Save the taste of real Chinese tea can only be made of glass, porcelain or metal containers - so tender tea leaves.They can not withstand the grinding and brewing paper packaging bags drastically changes their taste."Dunhuang" is probably the only Chinese company that supplies high quality teas are guaranteed.

«Dilma" and "Annabel» .The names of these firms - Ceylon tea suppliers - no doubt, a pledge of stable high quality beverage.In recent years, the majority of teas in our market, which is sold as Ceylon, are counterfeit.Forge is Ceylon teas because they are produced is usually not large leaf, and polygonal or small, and to mix them low-grade tea or herbs of unknown origin is not difficult.On the bundle of the Ceylon tea was listed «Packed in Sri Lanka», but in any case not «Made in Sri Lanka»!

«Russian Tea Company» .Among the sea of ​​teas domestic production stands out products of this particular brand.«Russian Tea Company," delivers more than 200 kinds of tea, which are sold only in bulk.Their distinctive feature - the highest quality Indian, Ceylon, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese teas are used as a basis, and aromatization of only natural substances - herbal extracts and oils, as well as herbs, petals, berries and exotic fruits.

«Vivacity» .Tea of ​​this brand - one of the most familiar to the older generation of Russians.This beautiful blended (mixed) tea, including best Indian varieties and Krasnodar.And the name corresponds to reality: the infusion of "vivacity" in fact, invigorates, increases tonus.Seychas, in addition to the classic blended "Fit" (in which the Krasnodar tea due to lack of raw materials necessary quality had to be replaced by Kenyan), produced and monochai - Indian, Chineseand Ceylon, and Loose in bags and packaged flavored teas.

«Amtel» , relatively recently introduced brand of "Amtel" already established itself among consumers and among specialists.The best of "Amtel" considered "gold" - the highest grade Ceylon leaf tea grown in the highland plantations, and "Brilliant" - large-North Indian tea from Assam province, featuring the full, strong taste.One of the teas of the brand - "morning tea" - received the highest rating of experts: it rose from the first grade to the highest.This tea in the world does not happen often.

«Golden Collection» .The series of teas "Golden Collection" is always recognizable by the elegant packaging, the relevant international standards.Sealed tin cans do not allow the delicate content dampen and absorb odors.Such packaging is traditionally used only for high-quality branded teas standard "Exclusive".

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