Choosing the right bra !

recently celebrated one hundred years, have come up with a bra, female toilet detail quickly became not only popular, but also spicy thing, necessary and adorning a woman.

truth still worries doctors because about 80% of women choose the wrong bras, are not its size, which increases the risk of breast cancer.

How to choose a bra right?Going out shopping, measure the circumference under the breasts.Measurement results will show you how to figure in the amount you need to be guided, for example, at 63-67 cm girth size of your 65th, at circumference 68-72 cm - 70 minutes, at 73-77 cm girth - 75th andetc.

The letter is usually indicated by the size of the cups.Measure the chest circumference at the most protruding points, subtract under the breast girth.When the difference in

- 11 (1) See - size AA

- 13 cm - A

- 15 cm - In

- 17cm - With

- 19 cm - D.

When fitting bra should be a goodfastened on the middle hook and between the fabric and the body - freely enter two fingers.

In addition, when choosing a bra, consider the following:

- breast should fully occupy the cup, and the band - not to hamper breathing and do not crash into the body, or formed stagnation in the blood, which provokes the disease

- on the skin after wear does notshould remain scars on the clasps and straps

- joints should not rub, scratch or prick the skin

- fabric, which is made of a bra should be well absorb moisture and breathability.

If the chest and cup size is wrong, and bra greatly compresses and cups cut into the chest, blood flow slows down, which leads to cardiovascular disease.

Constant pressure on the breast can cause tumors.By the way, widely advertised bras "push-up" with the ejector effect, doctors do not recommend wearing more than two hours a day!

crashed straps can cause migraines and fatigue quickly.In addition, stretch marks on the breasts are also often the result of wearing properly fitted bra.

And another useful tip: women who go home without a bra, less susceptible to diseases of the mammary glands, so when he got home, remove the bra - breast let rest!