March 8 : today I want to be the most beautiful ...

Do I love 8 March?Hard to tell.It all depends on the circumstances.If you think about it, this holiday - really "Women's Day", because he literally embodies feminine worldview.

When I do not like 8 March

For example, I do not like 8 March, even hate it, if at this time alone.What can be sadder than to wake up early in the morning to the International Women's Day, and see the face the only man in the house - cat.He does not care about my grief, he just wants to eat.

I am a woman, this is my day, but there is no one who would have told me about it.I - useless woman.And that's just the morning feeling.And then it will be worse.I'll walk down the street for yogurt and bread in the store and meet me will come across are not my men with mimosas.They frantically pressed stunted and fragrant flower vosmimartovsky, wondering whether this is enough to the evening's wife allowed to drink - a holiday, after all.It is extremely angry, and I even try to gloat: behold, they say, povyhodili married, and as a result

received a sickly mimosa on holiday.

But with a malicious notes instantly knocks me at that moment, when I see some handsome cover with opening the door a beautiful machine, before indescribably beautiful woman with a breathtakingly beautiful bouquet in hands.Nesbit tale!Ladies' novel, the heroine of which - I do not!

And, as luck would have it, I will remember how many years I turned, and that my prince has certainly taken away in his castle some resourceful "Cinderella sister."And I only shoe and remained at the memory of what I - a woman unnecessary.I buy myself a mimosa bush that is not so conspicuous, that I - on that day all alone.

the evening will be even worse, because the whole day will be to call a friend, sister, mom and I congratulate the International Women's Day.Horror!I never understood this subtle distortion - women congratulate women on March 8!

The restaurant not torn, because I know - there, too, 8 March and 88% of the guests at the tables - women.Lonely and companies, all of "30" for all "in the eyes of longing, in the breasts - longing."So I sit at home and see some melodrama.I do not want to feel humiliated.

When I love 8th of March!

But everything changes when he appears in his life!You open your eyes in the morning on March 8, and you realize that you are - WOMAN.Even if nothing has happened.Time is OH, I mean - it is necessary, desirable - the best woman.Even if it is boring, or scattered ham.This is not the shortcomings, it is especially lovely.I love the smell of real coffee exactly on March 8 because it prepares me OH.It's not like in the morning when you are in a hurry to work.

I love March 8, because the flowers are bound to be, and I always wonder what they will be - the ones I love (hence, remember), or those that seem to him that I love.Interesting choice.

I like the element of surprise on March 8 because he suddenly remembers that the romance - it is that which pleases his woman.Curiously always watching how the male fantasy.It was unforgettable, when I received a gift that day a song composed by me and for me.It was really good because we are bound by true love and a subtle feeling.

I'm waiting for a surprise, and it's like March 8th most!Waiting for something that will approve me that I - a woman.Any manifestation of romantic, even a trifle, as, for example, carefully draped a shawl on my shoulders - not was cold.

fireplace with open fire, mulled wine, warm socks, and he was there.This March 8 just for the two of us.But a romantic dinner, if not in Paris, then in a cozy cafe - it is also a pleasant surprise.And there, at the table, when he is not looking me in the eye, I furtively scanned the room.I'll look at the 88% of women over the other tables, and wholeheartedly sympathize with them.And sincerely wish that the Prince found and because a woman should not be one 8th of March!