Quit smoking !

Smoking is harmful - it is not even to be discussed, and best of all it knows exactly smokers, even if they object, and are trying to prove that this addiction does not poison their lives.

Experts estimate that with every puff, we breathe more than 30 toxic substances.Nicotine, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, resinous substance, etc. -.. On the number and strength of effect on the internal organs and systems of human nicotine ranked first.Immediately getting into the bloodstream through the lungs, the poison produces psychological and physical dependence on tobacco.Not to mention the fact that addiction often leads to the development of chronic bronchitis.

Smoking is the main cause of persistent spasm of blood vessels, leading to disruption of normal tissue nutrition, to diverse consequences include doctors and diseases of the digestive system.It would seem that everything is clear and convincing, so why is so difficult to give up cigarettes?

But it is a habit, and that so

oner or later take over, because quitting smoking is not easy, as the opponents of smoking say, never who took the hands of cigarettes.To really get rid of the destructive addiction, a person must be a clear motivation.That is, it is your responsibility to make an informed decision and to quit smoking forever.

But taking such a decision, it is necessary to appeal to the opinion of experts, trying to help in this matter.Thus, it is certain that the gradual weaning from smoking still retains the desire to inhalation of tobacco smoke.Using a non-nicotine cigarettes also impractical because it will be a psychological need for tobacco.

can, of course, use other methods to quit smoking: numerous offers "coded" to get rid of tabakozavisomosti medical methods, but the question is - is it really an adult does not have the strength to make their own decisions and follow it?Why do you need to shift responsibility for their habits to someone else?

If you're determined to quit smoking, start from the beginning - get rid of the existing cigarettes in the house, clean out the ashtrays and lighters.Drink plenty of mineral water.Always remind yourself that you yourself have taken a big decision and we are ready to keep their own obligations to maintain self-esteem.

On organism recovery will take at least a year, and it will have to make some effort, but the realization of what a huge step towards a healthier you did, of course, will help you, as well as the satisfaction that your will power and responsibility were stronger than habit.

If you want to take the advice of experts, the divide process of getting rid of a bad habit into several stages.

first stage

During this period, try to create a strong motivation to get rid of nicotine addiction.To start, make a list of reasons why you decided to quit smoking.

• I am stronger than his habits, I dictate how I live, and not cigarette

• stop smoking - improve my health

• when I stop smoking, improve the complexion, I'll look better

• when I stop smoking, cease to "get" around me nonsmokers of tobacco smoke

• men say unpleasant kissing female smokers

• I am pleased not to test the dependence on cigarettes.

• the money thrown away to buy cigarettes, it is better to buy myself something nice

• the time that I spent on smoking, I can now be spent on other pleasures.

And still think that, when the child smoking, with your loved ones and colleagues, of course, much harm to their health, causing a predisposition to chronic lung disease.

the morning and in the evening through this list and record the number of cigarettes smoked, try to refrain from smoking for the company to pass the time, from automatism, when the hand she reaches for a pack of cigarettes.

second stage

daily through your list of motivations, just fix the number of cigarettes smoked and the reasons why you did it.

Adhere to the following rules:

• Try in the morning as long as possible, do not smoke the first cigarette, especially on an empty stomach.

• Do not buy a carton of cigarettes.Until the end of one pack, do not buy another.

• Do not smoke when watching TV or reading a magazine.

• Increase your physical activity.

third stage

Try not to smoke for two days in a row.If happened, it's just wonderful!Stop carry cigarettes.Take your free time walking, playing sports, visits.

sure to increase fluid intake - it contributes to a more rapid removal of toxic substances from the body.Drink herbal extracts and green tea.unpleasant symptoms might occur on the third stage of your recovery program: irritability, sleep disturbances, confusion, and others.Be prepared to deal with these conditions.

Use candy, beads, all that can replace a cigarette in his hand and puffing process, and even better - improve the ability to communicate, to understand others.Learn how to fill a pause in communication with something else, but not cigarettes.Do not think that a cigarette in the hands of women necessarily gives it an aura of mystery and sexuality - it is not.

fourth stage

Try not to smoke again two or three days, and analyze their mood and health.Even if you do not work, and you have broken abstinence and lit it scary!The main thing is that you act, and firmly decided not to deviate from the planned.

Do not go on about those who are trying to persuade you to smoke a cigarette, and try to monitor situations that may trigger you to smoke: stress, smoking feast with people waiting situation.This does not mean that you need to avoid people smoking, but, without fail, you need to mentally prepare for what is to be tempted, and your good intentions can disappear, and only the effort - be in vain.And finally, do assign to themselves the day when you can say out loud that quit smoking!

all depends on you, no persuasion, attempts to scare you hurt yourself, do not work as long as you are, independently, without pressure and not make a decision.You are an adult, you can make your own control over their lives, but think about it: your smoking habit is not only you, but also those who are close.Do you have the right to manage their well-being, health and even their lives?