Ways to quit smoking .What do the stars say ?

At heart, every smoker wants to quit smoking, only here to confess his own weakness and dependence of the habit is difficult and ashamed, so instead of trying to overcome themselves, smokers hide the weakness of bravado: "That I want and throw!When I want - and then I give up! ".

wonder that the stars explain the causes of addiction to smoking.Moreover, they provide useful advice on how to quit smoking those born under different zodiac signs.

By Fire elements belong to those born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.Fiery nature often clutching a cigarette, because it allows you to hide the tension and feel more confident, and sometimes add weight and significance.Growing up, they understand the lack of seriousness of such acts, but to give up smoking, it is already difficult.Do not put pressure on them, do not persuade, because the main principle of the fight against smoking for people born under these signs of the zodiac, is: rely only on themselves, no pressure from the outside.

So, for Aries norm of life - a constant check on the strength of the world and his own psyche.So it makes sense to make a bet with himself - promise yourself to whatever was to quit before a certain date.Aries is not physically able to deceive themselves, so it should work.

Leo makes sense to think that smoking is detrimental to his royal image: Face gray, yellowed nails, bad breath and on clothing.But royal personages must look perfect ...

Sagittarius can look at the problem from a philosophical point of view: the ancient Chinese used to say: "The habit creates destiny."You agree to entrust their fate to nicotine?Hardly.Another important argument for Sagittarius - smoking today is not fashionable.

Representatives terrestrial zodiac signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - to get rid of nicotine addiction harder all, as any habit for them is a guarantee of stability in life, to give up that they can not.The best way to give up smoking for them - to realize that in most of the bad habits in life intrudes chaos, with whom you are fighting on other fronts.It's time to clean up the mess!

Taurus will help elementary arithmetic: calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes in a year, and think about what you could buy with them.Try instead of buying cigarettes to put money in a piggy bank - when the desire to leave you smoke, the amount in the bank will be pleasantly surprised.

optimal path for the Virgin quickly quit smoking - to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes, for example one every two days.Strictly adhere to the scheme, in any case does not make exceptions - and in six weeks you get rid of nicotine slavery.

Capricorns help statistics, which states that among the successful people with high incomes 80% are non-smokers.So, if you want to break out in people, it's time to quit smoking.Each time he reached for a cigarette, say to himself: - "Millionaires do not smoke."

smoking process itself is not particularly interested in people born under the signs of Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.On their own initiative they smoke rare, but happy to "smoke" for the company and are drawn very quickly.Fortunately, quitting smoking is just as easy, because have the best chance to quickly get rid of nicotine addiction.

twins enough to change the social circle to the "non-smoking", and addiction to smoking falling by the wayside.

Scales easily quit smoking, if the initiative will come from a loved one, or he will support this initiative.

Aquarius will have to first make his company the fashion of "non-smoking lifestyle."And when all the friends and imitators it will pick up, will have nowhere to retreat.

Representatives water signs of the zodiac - Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces - tend to bind to nicotine with all my heart: they think that it helps to better adapt to the new situation.A smell of cigarettes can cause them a rush of emotions and memories.But is not this bad habit your memories would be worse?

Cancer makes sense to think about the children, because the children of smoking parents have a huge chance of addiction to smoking.Do you want this for their children?

Scorpio easily part with cigarettes, if in return acquire a portion of the constant thrill.Begin to pour cold water or running in the morning, or in place of the car and the bus ride on the bike - it will be enough to forget about cigarettes.

Pisces rely on willpower is not necessary, so it is better to resort to a special anti-smoking drugs.But be sure to check with your doctor: he will not only help to make the right choice, but also tell you exactly how to use these drugs.