Vegetarianism : Is harmful to eat meat ?

Proponents of vegetarianism to justify their attitude to the meat, is often compared to the human predator, saying that our body is not designed by nature to eating meat.This predators attack the animal, tormented him, tearing apart, and for this they have claws and sharp teeth, which can not be said about the man.

In addition, the human intestine is much longer than that of a predatory animal and adapted herbivores digest food, and gastric acidity in humans is much lower than that of carnivores.

But, interestingly, experts say that if you start to compare our body with the body of herbivores, the comparison is not in favor of the latter.

For example, if we talk about the length of the intestine, it is 20 times longer than their growth, and a man - only 8. And we have stomachs entirely different.In order to be satisfied, herbivores need a large amount of plant foods, not only is it in the stomach has to ferment, so their stomach much more than ours and its acidity is much higher than ours.Often stoma

ch herbivores has two cameras, which is not a person.

Regarding the teeth, the nature has provided in herbivorous sharp incisors and molars with large masticatory surface and without enamel, which tend to rub off quickly, but they also quickly grow again, we are losing your teeth forever.

If you follow the logic of vegetarians, we can conclude that the man and the vegetable food is also not suitable.But scientists have long been proven that the person can not be attributed to predators or to herbivorous - omnivorous man.

Rock paintings of ancient people, which shows hunting mammoths and many other animals, clearly refutes vegetarians that our ancestors were always herbivores meat they were not alien, and when the hunt was successful, the ancient people gladly enjoyed the animalfood.In addition, it should be noted that most of the plants destroyed by frost in the Ice Age, and if a person is not transferred to the food of animal origin, it would simply die out.

So that scientific studies suggest that vegetarianism is not inherent in the nature of man, but, nevertheless, it appeared, and more part of our lives.In our time on earth is home to around a billion vegetarians.

popularity of vegetarianism has increased dramatically at the end of the twentieth century, when doctors investigated this way of eating, and have proven that you can live without meat.But scientists did not set a goal to prove the benefits of vegetarianism.They justified the harm of excessive consumption of meat, and even meat and animal fats, which contain a lot of cholesterol.

Doctors often talk about the dangers of hobby products of animal origin, as their use often entails a lot of diseases.But the reason is not in the meat, and products of human activity.For meat products are not spoiled, they are treated, or include them in the composition of nitrates, biological additives and dyes.

To animals quickly grew and gained weight, farmers often feed them with special drugs, hormones and biological additives.Naturally, the so eat meat every day, just can not, it can cause a lot of diseases - obesity, multiple sclerosis, and even cancer.

Yes, vegetarianism saves from premature development of diseases such as stroke, heart attack, certain types of cancer, multiple sclerosis, but adherents of vegetarianism risk purchase other diseases.

fact that when powered exclusively vegetable food our organism deprived of essential vitamins like B2, B12, D, as well as trace elements, zinc, calcium and iron, which entails nervous disorders, bone fragility and even decreased sexualactivity.Well, that pharmacists were invented vitamin tablets, which necessarily must be taken if you are fond of vegetarianism.

What and how to eat a person must choose himself as and vegetarianism and animal food supply has its own advantages and disadvantages.