How to keep a bouquet of flowers fresh and beautiful

All we often decorate our house with beautiful bouquets of flowers.And how sad it is, especially during the holidays, when you can not extend the life of the soul bestowed colors.Useful tips below will help you to maintain the freshness of color and prolong the pleasure of their beauty.

- If the flowers in the bouquet is not very fresh, the first is to lower them to the bathroom, filled with not very cold (in the sense - not icy) water.

- if the color is less than a week, then wrap the flowers soaked bags of paper (newsprint or toilet) and put them in a vase.Once the paper is dry, remove it, and flowers stand for some time.

- The same operation recommended to be done with flowers, you have to stand a week.

To save as much as a bouquet of fresh flowers can be, you need to do here is how:

- first removed from the stem all the leaves that will be under water, and do not break down, and cut off at the roots with a sharp knife or razor blade

- then the stem is shortenedbelow: cut off (the same blade)

caper bottom (above the point where the sheet was attached), or two, depending upon how stale flower, an angle of about 60-65 °

- then cut twice stalk crosswise along the depth of the cuts- 5-8 cm, the resulting quarters lightly in divorce party.These sections need to make particularly neat

- and then poured in a vase boiled (or even better - from household filter) cold water to which throws teaspoon sugar.

Thus, the flowers should stand at least five days.

To save a bouquet of flowers as long as possible:

• Keep flowers in a cool place, away from heaters, fans, and avoid direct sunlight.

• Do not place flowers on the TV or a battery.Devices such te¬levizorov, generate heat, thereby causing the flowers to dry and give moisture.

• It is necessary to change the water in the vase every day, so as not to give the development a large number of bacteria, and thus extend the life of flowers.

• Recommended to add to the water a special conditioner for cut flowers, which will help you as long as possible to enjoy the beauty of your flowers.

• To prolong the life of flowers, you can add to the water 2-5 per cent sugar solution with the addition of silver nitrate, weak solution of common salt, in microdozes potassium chloride, calcium chloride, gidrazidsulfat, glycerin, camphor, ethanol, aspirin, manganesepotassium, etc.


-. Callas, before you put in a vase, cut off the water, then rub salt in the dry section.

- Gladiolus cut after opening 1 to 2 buds.If the top bud nip off, they stand for longer.Part of the stem, which will be under water, it is possible to scratch the sharp needle.

- Carnations breaks off in polurospuske.Water for them not to be changed frequently, it should be at room temperature, add 0.1 g of boric acid.