Food additives : the pros and cons .What are they needed for?

the application of food additives is carried out constant and strict control.Engaged in this International Committee of the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants (a specialized agency of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization), whose main office is in Geneva.

This international committee makes recommendations on the use of additives to national organizations responsible for the issue in their own countries.Within the framework of the EU works is another specialized committee and all decisions of international experts must pass through the hands of European experts.Only then enter the recommendations of the European countries national organizations.

In our country, the issues of food additives unaware Ministry of Health and Medical Industry and the State Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance.

National organizations often introduce even more restrictions on the use of food supplements, given the peculiarities of life and living conditions of t

heir fellow citizens.For example, in our country standards were reduced content of sodium nitrite in sausages with 200 mg / kg permitted in Europe, and 50 mg / g.It dictated the decision that Europeans consume sausage and much less in smaller quantities than we are.

I must say that as soon as there are new laboratory methods and testing technology, even permitted food additives are tested again and again.

One may wonder, why bother using these supplements, if required so much time, effort and money to study them, not easier to abandon their use?The answer is simple - eliminate food additives completely modern industry can not.Some of them have to be used for the sake of us, the consumers, so we got more and more delicious food, with bright, pleasant aroma and perfect consistency.To achieve this in an industrial scale is possible only with the taste, aroma and other additives.

For example, it is impossible to prepare yogurt with aroma of apricot or raspberry without the use of natural or identical to natural flavorings.Well, do not retain their natural fruit flavor in yogurt, no matter how hard you try!Sausage without sodium nitrite is not an appetizing pink color and its natural, earthy-gray hue.It is unlikely that we will want to buy it.In addition, we all need products that no changes would be kept at least a few days!And there can not do without preservatives and antioxidants.

No other types of additives is not possible to carry out processes: for example, without defoamers not pour complete packages of juice, without emulsifiers is not possible to turn liquid vegetable oils into solid margarine.

So choose ultimately we, the buyers, either to use in food products industry and reconcile with the presence of food additives, or abandon all that is prepared in the factories, in favor of the natural economy and home cooking.The third option is not!