Yellow tea

Yellow tea, as most teas, made in China.Long ago, this tea can drink only the imperial family, as this drink is used for the spring sacrifice ancestors of the emperor, and later he was allowed to use the highest dignitaries.

tea collection - bright sight on the slopes of green mountains girl in red clothes (it was usually the daughter of the high dignitaries) terminated yellow buds, and the imperial family admired on this action.

Yellow tea was allowed to export to Russia only in the thirties of the last century, then followed by a long break, and only in 1949, the supply of yellow tea outside China have resumed, but they were again stopped after ten years, and this has given rise to many legends associated with thethis drink.

In appearance yellow tea is no different, made it from a very young shoots (or polurazvernuvshihsya tea leaf kidney).Yellow tea is only sheet (if you will be offered, yellow tea in small performance know that it is a waste or a fake).

yellow tea tea leaves are dark in color wi

th a yellow or green tint.Leves usually little twisted along the axis, and midway they differ in color from the edges.This is due to the production of yellow tea process, after the kidney or collection of young shoots (and collect them twice a year), they are dried and withered in the sun or in the shade, so the yellow teas are divided on the "shadow" and "sun".

yellow teas manufacturing process extremely laborious, since everything is done by hand, and for the production of one kilogram of tea need to collect at least 25,000 tea buds.Tea process proceeds for four days, and comprises a plurality of operations, including withering and when there is a natural, slight fermentation (oxidation) of the leaf tea.

All varieties of yellow teas are among the most expensive and high - of which there are far fewer than red or white.In order to diversify, yellow teas are often subjected flavoring, they very well perceived.

Yellow tea has a very pleasant, pleasing taste, sophisticated aroma and a wonderfully subtle tartness.If after you drink oolong tea, its taste for a long time to remember you, the taste of yellow tea quite elusive, you feel it only when drinking, and after tea the taste disappears.This is one of the unique characteristics of yellow tea - it is, as it were, plays with you.

yellow Brewed tea is not very hot water of 60-70 degrees and a short time - no more than 3 minutes.Flask of yellow tea has a slight amber color and streaked pink (by the way, on these grounds it is easy to distinguish from the green), but weak infusion of color is misleading - these teas are very strong and have a greater stimulating effect.

Yellow teas Jun Shan Yin Fishing (Silver Needle with Mount Chun-shan) and Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow buds with mountains Hoshan) produced in central China, in Hunan province.Tea bushes grow to a height of 1800 meters, the kidneys are hand-picked in late March, early April (the first 72 hours of spring), early in the morning to be no dew, no rain is not deprived of its remarkable properties of tea.

This exquisite Chinese tea, not unlike a green high-grade teas on external characteristics, but has a light fermentation.

this tea consists only of the kidney, it is not inherent flavor of smoke (this means that the tea overcook), tea leaves should not be gray (this is an old tea).If the tea leaves yellow tea to take in hand and begin to knead them, it is easy to determine is too dry it (crumbles into dust), or under-cured (stick together in clumps).Tea leaves correctly made yellow tea just break into pieces.

In 1977, Georgia began to produce teas "kviteli" like yellow teas in China, but only like - everything is correctly attributed to their green teas (by the way, after 4 years of their production was discontinued because it was unprofitable).