Devout Wish Part 4

all the way to his house, he carried me in his arms, and I think that I still have one on hand was not wearing.And what is this something that ... sense!It can not be explained in words.As it turns out, nice people ... Going forward smiling, and I felt like a princess.

His apartment was small but very cozy.And strangely enough, nowhere to be seen scattered things, as usually happens in men.I am so accustomed to cleanliness in our apartment with Max, that sometimes it was like mania - immediately clean up all that is not in place.I was a child my mother taught to order and Max, so in general, just organically does not tolerate disorder.At home everything sparkles, as in a museum.But sometimes I'd love to throw everything in the apartment and did not get out of for weeks - let all lies as lies!And do not care!It seemed to me, so I learned to do no wrong, and as usual, and just as you want.

- Well, come, what are you staying?

He did not notice that went on "you" ... or noticed?

- And you well ... - I l

ooked around.

- Well, it's not a mansion, of course, but I was quite satisfied yet.You have, as I put the kettle on.

apartment is fully in men's style, everything you need: a computer, home theater, the latest stereo system, in general, all the tech toys that man's heart so sweet.But in the corner of the room was a real "live" tree!

I love "live" Christmas trees!I remember, even from my childhood, my father always brought home a "live" Christmas tree.He said that only a "living" Christmas tree New Year's - the present.I loved her dress up, no one is allowed, and all the household knew that it was my bounden duty, and that without this ritual I can not feel the beauty of the holiday.Yegor tree was still not dressed up ... and this was some sort of a charm.How good it smells - the forest!

- How interesting, you also listen to Frank Sinatra - I took a drive shelves.- I'm terribly like his songs ... they are ...

- Romantic?I smiled, thinking the same thing.

- That's the kettle boiled, I ask the kitchen.

sit, drink tea and catch myself thinking that I was so comfortable here ... Yes, in this kitchen ... comfortable with this person - cozy.This is how to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, get on the couch, pour hot tea and looking at the fire.Is it so little a man need to be happy?And what is happiness?This is when a person is good?I wonder whether I feel good with Max?But with me it?No gleam in our relationship was not expected: his wife, he was not going to throw me and promised nothing.

Mom told me long ago, that I do not steam and I needed a completely different man, and that with him I just wasting my time, and I have time to children.I really want children, a lot!I want them to like me, when he was a child, dressed up Christmas tree, we feel the fragrance and love this holiday!

I sat with a thoughtful expression on his face.

- What's the matter?I pour you some more tea?... Max would never offered to pour me a cup of tea ...

phone rang, and together with the call I was back in the real world.On determinant get it's name.I thought a moment, to take up or not.

- Hello ... - I myself was scared of his icy tone.

- Toffee, this is me, my good!- I gritted my teeth ...

- Oh, sorry!Darling, where are you in this nest?Say, you're still sulking?Well, forgive me!And I have a surprise for you - I will come to you in the New Year's Eve ... a couple of hours.Are you happy?

I suddenly realized in a moment, as we are strangers to each other people.I did not want anything to say, and that I am not at home, and why I'm not at home - do not want to talk!

- Hello, dear!Did you say something ??Hello!Ugh, what a relationship ?!Hello!!

Phone silently fell to the bottom of her purse ....How it bothered me to be "Iron Lady," as fed up with the affair at work, behind the rumors as bored girlfriend and parents with their morals, their constant expectation that I will take finally the "correct" decision on Max.How do you just want to be myself, and no one is listening!

And right now, and probably for ages at all, you just want to sit in this kitchen, smell the trees, drinking hot tea with jam and look in his blue eyes. ... How do you want the heat, and for once, at least once in your life, beweak.

Egor took me by the hand, led him into the room, sat in a chair and turned on my favorite CD.

- You sit down while I run to the studio, I will try to fix the boots.

He came in about an hour.He went into the room, hiding something behind his back.

- Well, not bored without me?Close eyes!

I obediently closed her eyes.

- Open!You know, your boots will not fix it, you had to buy a new - he opened the box.There were white furry boots.

- How lovely!- I took them in his hands, then I put on and ran to the mirror.

- You know, I have long wanted such.How sweet of you!Thank you!- I went up to him and looked into his eyes.

- I'm glad you liked them, wear your health!

in evening dress and fur boots, I solemnly walked around the room.In my opinion, it looked very funny from the outside.

- Tell me about yourself, I do not know about you.Who are you?- I asked, squinting.

- I have my own company.We are engaged in cargo transportation and customs clearance, and now I'm on vacation, and therefore helped granny.

- Funny!By the way, how is your grandmother?She's better?

- I just came from her when I met you in the store.She lives here, close to me.- He broke off.

- Er, I wanted to tell you - it came very close, and took my hand.

- I really like you.I do not know how and what you have in life was to me, but I know only one thing that really want to be with you ... And what if I just let you go, you will not ever forgive myself!I'll be flying on a vacation to France, I want you to think and decided to ... You will fly with me?

I did not expect this turn of events.I have a warm furry boots, I drank tea, everything - I must go!No, what France ?!No, this is serious ... I silently toward the door - the first time I did not know in life, what to do and what to say, and as a coward trying to escape!No, well, this is the height of frivolity, like this take, drop everything and fly!Reason struggled with feelings ... I know them one day, all day ... Brad some ... What's happening to me ?!He took me by the shoulders and turned her to face him ...

- Tell me what you're feeling?

- I feel that more than anything I want to be with you ...

- So stay the same with me, do not go !!

Yegor slept so sweet ....I like to look like a man asleep.It was a beautiful night, it seems, it is the most beautiful in my life.I could not understand how one day you can fall in love, and feel completely happy.Feeling that the person who sleeps next - so dear.It is urgent to change something in my life ... And who came up with that desire should be to think only under the chiming clock?I closed my eyes as a child, and put forth: "Marry a man who will cook me breakfast and bring to bed."

- Honey, wake up, I cooked you breakfast!