Dress code - what is it ?

concept of the dress code has come to us from the UK back in the fifties, but now it got us fairly widespread.First, the dress - code defines requirements coca management company or to the appearance of their employees.Subsequently, the dress code was to determine a person belonging to a certain profession, to any social group, or social status.

was recently conducted survey of executives of various companies in Europe and America.He showed that, other things being equal, the best work gets a person who more than meets the requirements for the appearance of the leadership companies.Experts have identified the main provisions of such requirements: clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories.

Adult women often do not welcome liberties in office clothes, but on the contrary, young people often come to work in a nightclub or on a date.But not for nothing that Russian proverb says: - "By their looks met - escorted by the mind", so do not forget that your appearance will certainly affect the impression pro


Many large companies include a special section of internal rules governing the appearance of employees, defining clearly what should be the office wear, and it is not recommended to wear.If no such rules, it is still necessary to adhere to the general requirements for appearance in accordance with the dress code and corporate behavior.

So, if you want to be perceived as a serious business man, in employment and in the future, taking a job, is to comply with certain requirements developed by specialists.

CLOTHING .Every woman in an office clothes in the wardrobe should have at least two business suit: for the winter season, dark gray, dark blue, dark cherry, for the summer season - beige, cream, pale olive.

best jacket length - not below the hips, sleeve length - to the wrist.The skirt should not be too tight and stretch when sitting and walking, and the length - not calling.Optimally - to the middle of the knee, and depending on your figure, the skirt is a little open knees.

Buy high-quality clothes - it will pay off over time, and, in addition, you will feel more confident.And as far as your career growth, do not forget to change clothes on a better and more expensive.

BLOUSES .Blouses should be pastel colors (beige, cream, ivory) and always white.Never wear to work sleeveless blouses, and if put, it is not necessary to remove a jacket or a jacket.Cutouts in blouses should not be below the armpits.

JACKET .Also suits in the wardrobe need to have at least two jackets: ecru, gray-brown and always bright, but not flashy: purple, or other dark, but juicy colors.The length of the jacket - not below the hips.

SKIRTS .Skirts, as already mentioned, should not be fitting.Colour - contrasting with the color of the jacket.

PANTS .Never wear shorts to work or culottes.Some companies allow women to wear trousers to work with a classic cut zautyuzhennymi arrows.When applying for a job ask the company dress code and figure out this question.

DRESS .The best clothing choice for receptions, banquets and other corporate events - a small, classic cocktail dress.

Keep in wardrobe easy elegant dress made of silk.Garnish with a dress with a brooch or pin, it is easy to turn in the evening.In working on a dress worn jacket.

evening dresses .His worn on special occasions for corporate events.It should not be too fanciful, much low-cut or brilliant.

FOOTWEAR .Always have a few pairs of shoes.It should be leather, do not have open heel and toe ornaments on it should be kept to a minimum.

Available colors: Winter season - blue, black, brown, for the summer season - gray, beige, purple.

Never choose white shoes.When you wear these shoes will look untidy.In addition, the need to have a change of shoes.

(To be continued)