A woman and her jewelry

Women love jewelry - it can not be doubted.And gold jewelry, and silver, and jewels, and simple jewelry - all that can accentuate her beauty and charm, make an outfit more festive, sophisticated and stylish.

Fashion jewelry is also there, but intransient fashion jewelry, which, to some extent, can be considered also the invested capital, or accumulation of wealth.Moreover, antique jewelry is always a price and estimated higher than moldings made of gold or silver.

But, as in everything else, when choosing jewelry or jewelry important to have the taste and sense of proportion.Here is an interesting quote from the book on the rules of etiquette published in 1891: "We often wonder lady with a ponderous gold chain, which by its shape resembles iron, serving to deter animals.This chain has a price and so thick that it is able to hold the calf. ""A lady should not wear jewelry because it is expensive and requires a clumsy fashion form.She should not choose a thing without thinking and paying attention solel

y on its price. "Written more than a century ago and now the lines are relevant.Raznaryazhennye in gold and diamonds ladies on the beach or in the market looks most amusing, but, nevertheless, these pictures we can see on a daily basis.

There was a time when humanity is applied to the jewelry as an integral part of the costume.This is due to the special position was jewelery in the hierarchy of things.Then they did not seem useless expensive toys, but served as a guarantee of security, good luck, good health.

Our forefathers were absolutely convinced that the best decoration girl is young, and his wife and mother there is nothing that decorates the kids.However, this did not stop condescending lead as an example of female constancy of love for jewelry.

In the XIX century, the young girl could not wear diamonds up to the wedding.Several strings of pearls, turquoise in gold or silver locket or a cross on a black velvet ribbon, a gold watch with a thin chain - that's all I could afford a girl before marriage.After 20th birthday tolerated and more expensive jewelry, but not diamonds.Girlish ringlets were small and simple, and wore them on the ring finger of his left hand.

Together with the status of a married woman lady got the opportunity to wear jewelery with precious stones.However, after reaching 30 years of age a love for jewelry intended to limit.They had to have exceptional artistic merit.

Happy allowed to wear jewelry with colored stones and diamonds are considered to be relevant only in the evening.A necklace of diamonds worn only at high output - ball, theatrical premiere, and only a low-cut dress.Many women are known for their delicate taste, choose for themselves pearl jewelry and refused cold radiance of diamonds.

Jewelry supposed to wear to the place and by the time.Diamonds, on the relevant court festivities were not allowed at a daily walk.Generally it considered indecent to wear shiny jewelry in the daytime.The same strict rules ratio color dress and jewelry were identified.

It was believed that pearls, diamonds and gold blend with any color.But corals are encouraged to wear only white, gray and black dress.Amethyst never worn with blue or blue dress, ruby ​​- red, turquoise - with blue and green.

In addition, it was assumed that the red-haired beauty has never put on the stones in red, and will give preference to green stones.Blondes were instructed to wear jewelry with sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine, and brunettes glittering red and yellow stones.

And earlier, and now jewelry - a demonstration of taste, not welfare, it is very important not only to buy expensive and beautiful thing, but to put it in time and place.If you do not risk to determine what and where of the ornaments should be worn, refer to specialists: designers, goldsmiths.Their recommendations will help you to choose such jewelry and jewelry that will highlight your taste and elegance and are appropriate and stylish.