Dress code - what is it ?extension

incorrectly chosen accessories can spoil the impression of the most expensive and beautiful clothes, so be especially careful in their choice.What dictates the dress code for office Accessories for clothes?

STOCKINGS .Pantyhose or stockings - it is obligatory toilet item at any time of the year.For a more complete legs use dark shades, for thin - light colors.The color is better to combine them with a skirt or shoes.

Pick follows:

- 5, 7, 10, 12 den - for the warm season

- 15-30 den - for the air-conditioned rooms

- 30-60 den - superdense for winter.

hairstyles .Do not wear to work long flowing hair.Hairstyle should not be screaming, and calm, strong and attractive.The hair is arranged and, of course, clean.When painting hair, try to stick to your natural tone.Do not use paint too bright colors, contrasting with the color of your eyebrows.

MAKEUP .Typically, it assessed, looks like a woman, so do not apply make-up in a hurry.It produces unkempt appearance, quickly lose freshness and make yo

u look sick and tired.But most importantly, it must conform to the fashion of the day.Therefore, it is best to regularly refer to the person who will pick up for you (and only you) cosmetics and train to use them properly.Do not forget that makeup equipment quickly becomes obsolete.

SPIRITS .Do not use perfume at work with heavy and pungent odor.

Klondike .This is the best means to freshen a suit or coat.With scarves type of clothing is changing dramatically, but the color they should not be screaming.

BELT .Belts Pick neutral colors, and features in the tone shoes.The width is selected depending on your figure.

GLOVES .A woman can wear gloves at any time of year and in any weather.They can be silk, textile, nylon, leather, kid, and so on. D. They can be worn without a hat.At the evening reception at the glove can be worn a bracelet, but do not ring.Gloves should be soothing colors.

BAGS .Bags, briefcases, "diplomats" try to buy leather.Do not carry unnecessary things.Paper, cosmetic bag and keys should be in a portfolio or briefcase and handbag must be tiny.

WRITING INSTRUMENTS .Be sure to carry a decent fountain pen to sign the official papers.Ballpoint pen made use only in the workplace.

DECORATIONS .Not accepted to carry on the work of decoration made of wood, acrylic, tapes.It is preferred to have jewelry made of precious stones and metals, and combinations thereof.Earrings as a tie for men, for women are required, but they should not be too large and correspond to the oval of your face.Necklace or a string of pearls will be more appropriate in the neckline of your blouse, for example, than the headscarf.Jewelry should be catchy.Bracelets advisable not to wear or whether they should be thin and inconspicuous.

WATCH .But the clock - it is a necessary accessory for every day.Lack hours says that you do not appreciate the time.Choose the classic model, mechanical, preferably well-known companies and do not wear men's watches.

Today, the dress code is attached great importance.If a woman is dressed tastefully, behave naturally and kept properly under all circumstances, something about her always formed a favorable impression as to potential employers and the bosses, so your office clothes should always be fashionable.stylish and elegant.