The woman and jewelry

To buy jewelry, especially with precious stones, you need to be clear about how to determine their value and by what criteria the choice is made.To do this, you need not only to be able to distinguish between the stones, but to know the ways of their processing, classification, weight units.With some information that can help, we have decided to introduce.Maybe, our tips will help you in choosing purchase.

precious stones are minerals with special properties (colorless or a beautiful pure-tone color, different luster, durability, ability to make faceting).The stones used in the jewelry works are divided into 4 classes:

1. diamond, corundum (ruby and sapphire blue fresh water), Emerald.

2. Alexandrite, Sapphire (green, orange), black opal, jadeite noble.

3. aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, demantoid, spinel (rhinestone), White, and fire opal, rhodonite.

4. zircon, beryl, amethyst, chrysoprase, citrine, beryl, yellow, green and pink, pyrope, almandine (garnet), turquoise.

gemstone weight is determine

d in carats.Metric 1 carat equals 1/5 of a gram.

To produce art products and decorative purposes are used so-called semi-precious stones: minerals and rocks, which have beautiful colors and patterns that are amenable to polishing.The most common base: jasper, jade, malachite, lapis lazuli.

The oldest method is to cut "cabochon" when a stone is attached to the circular shape.The special shape of the cut, which resembles an elongated hanging drop called a "briolette".

Of the other forms of the most common "rose" - the shape of the cut tiny triangular facets (faces) on flat ground."Brilliant" - when the rock is mainly diamond, shaped into two truncated pyramids, stacked bases."Marquis" - ellipsoidal shape, "pandelok" - shape cut in a pear-shaped pendants."Table" - a large cut buffed upper bound.

in jewelry stones are included in a frame made of silver, gold, platinum.Socket - is an integral part of the decoration, which keeps the covers rock.Socket firmly holding a stone, emphasizes its beauty and serves as a transitional link between the metal body decorations and stone.

choosing jewelery with precious or semi-precious stones, make sure also that the this stone correspond to you, was not only an ornament, but also a talisman.Then wear such jewelry is not only pleasant but also useful.