Drink Zodiac signs

You can talk about the culture of drinking, talk about the quality and bouquets of drinks, the rules of etiquette, however, quite often happens that changes the sense of proportion and consumed is the same one extra glass from which, supposedly, "all problems".

Astrologers noticed a difference in the effect of alcohol on those born under different zodiac signs.

Aries drinking is dangerous.She or knocks them down, or pushing on the insane action: Aries because first and operates in a sober and then thinks.

drunk bullocks be afraid.Typically, deadpan, in a drunken state, they come in a wild rage insignificant occasion and then fully manifest their "bullish nature: gore, for sure!

Most TWINS binge simply uninteresting: they do not change significantly their moods and behaviors, so the company it is better to resort to other means, the main one being for them is interesting conversation,

cancers liquor and even beer is contraindicated,because they have a delicate stomach and unstable psyche: s

ometimes instead of cheer, they were drinking, crying.

lions must be very strictly comply with the measure for two reasons.Firstly, the alcohol - an extra burden on the heart.Secondly, and this is perhaps the most eye-drinking Leo inevitably loses credibility in the eyes of the environment, and for him it is like death.Therefore, picking up his glass, Leo needs to understand that once a breath will turn it from the "king of beasts" in the monkey.

For VIRGIN alcohol - a strong poison.Most Dev instinctively feel it, that's why their ranks comes a lot of diehard opponents of alcohol.Well, those of Dev, who is silent inner voice, a good idea to remember that they have the liver under the influence of alcohol "works", as they say, a flash, with all the ensuing consequences for health.

SCALES , usually drink "for the company" and to set an example, so often sorted out: it is necessary to do a little bit.

For SCORPIO intoxication is very dangerous.Normally reserved, he lost control of his strong emotions, able to cause himself so much evil that can destroy all his life.

SAGITTARIUS drink with pleasure - and this is a terrible danger.How many talented Streltsov was an alcoholic!Sagittarius liver copes poorly with stress and alcohol quickly leads to fatty degeneration and hepatitis, and then - to cirrhosis.

Capricorn alcohol does not bring the desired relaxation as others who wish to forget.His problems are with him, and the dark colors only gathering.Drink it therefore useless.

AQUARIUS , addicted to alcohol, completely undermine the already rather weak nervous system, becomes neurotic, with trembling hands and incorrect gait.Often they affect seizures and asthma.

A fish alcohol generally contraindicated.They quickly become accustomed: it becomes a little alcohol, but because nobody knows what they will choose next.Secondly, they are very painful experience during a hangover: their bodies are resistant to poisoning.

As you can see, not one sign of the zodiac does not go without loss of bacchanalian drinking, so please listen to yourself - that this is not the glass that extra ??