How to drink tea in Russia

the beginning of XX century in Russia have developed distinctive traditions of tea drinking, combining all the existing east and west views of the Tea Party.Once in Russia, preferred black teas only.Old Russian rule brewing tea - 20 g of dry tea per 1 liter of water.Based on international experience, we can say that this is the average rate of tea fortress.The Chinese, Japanese and English tea brewed with 25-30 g per 1 liter of water, and the Indian rate of welding - 40-45 g of dry tea per 1 liter of water!

For a long time in our country drink tea from cups with coasters, although the English say, that loves tea porcelain.But in Russian porcelain I was always in short supply and was very expensive.So that the use of tea in the cups could be justified because of the ceramics for use in any case impossible.The latter is based on the fact that we spill hot tea as much as possible.

Tea in Russian does not contain any additives, but always used a bit of sugar with anything up to pancakes with caviar sandwi

ch with salted fish, ravioli, etc. It is one of the most striking features of drinking tea in Russia, where it is almost neveris not perceived as a standalone drink, but on the contrary, always "embellish" not only sugar, but also to other various products: syrups, jams, biscuits, cakes, sweet breads, plain white bread and butter, as well as candy, lemon, in some cases,figs, spices, cream and milk.Good tea and rum.

etiquette rules apply to such a seemingly ordinary event like a tea party.Table for evening tea in Russia elegant tablecloth cover, for each of those present put a dessert plate, which is placed on top of the napkin, the right of the plate - a dessert knife, and left - a dessert fork.In the middle of the tea table, put the sugar bowl, a vase with biscuits, a bowl of jam, a plate with lemon and others.

tea utensils small teapot and put near the place that occupies the hostess.Samovar or large kettle is convenient to put on a special little table, which move close to the edge of the common table, where the hosts are sitting.

Each hostess their tea recipes.But in any case, to cook a delicious and aromatic tea, you must follow certain rules and regulations.The first condition - the existence of a good teapot, which should not be used for other purposes.It should be rinsed with boiling water and then fill up a certain amount of tea.

second condition - good dry tea which is colloquially called welding.Usual dose - 1 teaspoon of tea per 1 cup of drink, and in excess of this is added 1 teaspoon of tea.But this rate depends primarily on the quality of tea and its varieties.Poured into a pre-warmed teapot tea necessary to fill (to 1/3 volume) hot water, remove from the heat at the start of boiling.The resultant welding must stand for 1 minute in a closed kettle lid, and then add the remaining water.After 3-4 minutes the tea is ready, but you can not pour directly from the vessel for welding.It is necessary to pour it into another pre-warmed teapot, from which you need to pour in a porcelain cup.

If the time during which the process of welding, cut, tea will not have the desired flavor, if it is to extend - tannins give tea a bitter taste.Evening tea table can be decorated with candles.This will give the tea party acting mysterious and comfort.

Cup should be held by the handle, it is desirable to interfere with sugar spoon quietly, without creating a chime for the whole house - is considered indecent.Once you have prevented the tea spoon should be put on the edge of the saucer.

Never blow on a hot drink - it is bad form, and should not be drinking tea with a spoon.If it is very hot, wait until the tea cools.

Tea - this intimate conversation, confidential talk.No wonder there is a sign: if in the family there is no tea parties - so they have something goes wrong.After all, this event brings together and suggests the talk about intimate.And it is one sign says: If you want to get rid of unwanted guests, drink their tea yesterday.

word, "soul without tea is not tea!"