What is a " scam " or free cheese is only in a mousetrap

heard this question many will feel hurt and angry because they were victims of fraud.Others laugh, considering that much of something on such things will not catch, others just shrug their shoulders, believing that adult reasonable person it is difficult to fool, if he does not want it.

But, nevertheless, the number of victims of various types of fraud only growing, and scammers of all kinds thrive, assuming that their age gullible, gullible, naive people, as well as fans of easy money will be enough.Yes, yes it is easy money lovers, as it did not object to people deceived by fraudsters.

Well, how else to call those who swallowed the bait scammers offering to buy "on the cheap" products supposedly made of gold and silver.It looks something like this: in places with large concentrations of people, such as the markets, in the transitions, near major shopping centers offer you to buy "gold for nothing."Incredible low price of the precious metal products due to the fact that currently holds a major jewelr

y store advertising campaign.

Many people simply can not resist, even though common sense tells them emphatically that the articles of precious metals no one will be giving away almost for free.So it turns out: in fact it "a cheap" jewelry ... But it turns out this is just a few days, when the purchase will lose their appearance.Layman is hard on the eyes to distinguish the fake from the original.This and are crooks.

Invitation to participate in a free lottery, you can get anywhere: in the market, etc.Often innocent-looking idea turns into the empty purse, or worse, robbed the apartment.

Typically, the street circuit "scam" is incredibly simple.To passers-by on the street fit strangers and stretch a lottery ticket.They convince to participate in the instant lottery with a big win on the line.Tickets are distributed supposedly in honor of the promotion of some little-known company.

After trusting the player reveals the card or erase the protective layer on it is found that the award ticket: won, for example, a refrigerator or a TV set.And then as if by magic by a man who claims that also has a winning ticket.It turns out that one prize, and the winners of the two.Lottery organizers offer each redeem your winnings, offering him as much cash as possible as at auction.

trick is that stimulated by the struggle for the prize people are not aware that you can not win, because another "win" is the frontman and his only goal - "to pump" of fell for a simpleton as much money.Even if it seems that the prize is about to be yours, as in a purse large enough amount of money - to receive the promised prize will still fail.Organizers will make every effort to ensure that the "dummy" was more cash ...

My friend, in the heat, put all the money, a gold chain with a pendant and a husband have rented a gift - a wedding ring when I managed it with great difficulty,pull from dangerous places.But all the money and jewelry were lost.When she regained consciousness, she could not understand how she, smart and confident, so fallen for the bait scams.And, as a result of even accused me that I had it failed to convince, despite the fact that I finally had to use force.But it so seduced by the opportunity for next to nothing to get a valuable prize!

And there are cases where the losers in the hopes of getting your winnings promise to bring home money or valuables.In this case, they are accompanied by "security guards", but as soon as the values ​​fall into their hands, they simply "dissolve» ...

Do not get caught in the "network" street "scam" is only one way: to ignore and disagreeon any proposals to participate in lotteries, sweepstakes, charity events, no matter how attractive they may seem.

Surely you've seen more than once such a picture - on the street someone from passers - often a woman, surrounded by a crowd of Roma women.Woman is already with bewitched eyes and gypsy vying something to inspire her, do not let get a word in.Not just newspapers, television, the police warned of frequent cases of fraud, but gullible people still fall into the "Roma Network".But what about - so I want to know your future, or protect against future misfortunes.

Then, reasoning, the same citizens are wondering how you could fall for such simple tricks ?!It looks really simple: first cute smile, you will stop gypsy polite and ask something very simple, such as how to get to a particular place.Naturally, the person starts to explain, then, in gratitude for the service you offer to tell fortunes or to remove damage.Well, how to refuse a "completely free" opportunities ?!That many people do not refuse.After that, everything takes place on the knurled pattern: first, you are asked to temporarily give all that is valuable because it makes the process of divination.Naturally, immediately promised to return!

Then the fortune-teller promises to get rid of all the troubles and misfortunes, which must necessarily start in life in the near future.The man did not even notice as it appears under the influence of hypnosis, which is owned by Gypsies, and voluntarily gives all the values ​​with them.And then fortune tellers and gone ...

contact the police in this case is useless, because to prove fraud is almost impossible, because you have given voluntarily.

There are many types of fraud.Recently I faced here with what.On an empty street right under your feet on my way lay a thick bundle of money, tapered rubber chemist.Naturally, I slowed down and, to be honest, the thought flashed through - really I was lucky ?!However, looking around the empty street and janitress, ten meters from the place, I knew that miracles do not happen, and went on.

At this point, I overtook a young girl who has picked up the money and an excited voice came to me.The girl, of course, was pleased, but since I was here, too, she decided to "share" with me finding.And for all this, it was necessary to roll into the yard, where in a deserted place money can be counted and divided.

As I walked in silence, she began to lose, and then began to ask me to stay here at least, because on the move is difficult to count the money, and so on.I suggested she leave the find yourself greeted with good luck and quickened her pace.At this point, a man from nowhere who undertook became publicly asking whether we could not find the money that he had just lost.I went on, and when a couple of minutes looked, the girl and the man swore, and then together go somewhere.Perhaps in search of another victim.

Which only methods and types of fraud do not come up to defraud gullible money ?!Remember the pyramid schemes, unscrupulous bosses that instead of the promised wages hang on simpletons nonexistent losses, forcing them to pay.And an incredible amount of "win-win" lotteries, slot machines, in which only the owner can win?And a list of types of fraud is endless.But the sad fact that a growing number from year to year deceived.

it ever here the reason of being too trusting and naive?Hardly!A strong driving force is the desire for easy money, this dream, which nestles in the heart - is about to get lucky and someone will give, will give a huge pile of money that does not need to earn money, but rather to reach out and just take!

After all, common thinking anyone ceases clear that "crazy" percentages that promise financial pyramid - is a fraud, because even the most profitable business can be so profitable.That action, which are distributed free of charge expensive things - a lure for subsequent fraud, etc.And most importantly - easy profits wishing to forget that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Well, not to get caught on the street solicitation scams to remember two simple rules:

• never enter into a dialogue with the intrusive strangers.Even if you ask is quite harmless and elementary question, it is easy to fall under their influence, because it is possible that con artists may own psychotechniques or even hypnosis.Pretend you did not hear the question and confidently walk past them.Do not look them in the eye

• if you are grabbed by the arm and trying to hold, threatening to call the police, and attract the attention of others, as a rule, con artists retreat before such a resistance, because around you is full of other gullible simpletons ...