Maslenitsa." Cooking " divination

Holiday - it is always an occasion to once again treat the family with delicious dishes.But you can celebrate this holiday together with her husband or her lover invite pancakes, and at the same time and tell fortunes.

Just you remember that any fortune-telling, the more "cooking" may be, tell the truth, can - do not tell, but the mood is sure to raise!So start leafing through cookbooks, choosing the most delicious recipes of pancakes, and start to cook!

Pancakes for divination necessarily baked yeast, round and thick, thin for some reason are not suitable.Your task - to feed the beloved, as follows.So prepare for a wide variety of fillings pancakes.The right?Now watch!

Pancakes with caviar prefer hard-working man, not prone to empty dreams, thrifty.These believe that the love and care of family needs to prove the case, rather than words.In general, for such, like a stone wall!

pancakes with red fish give tribute to the brave men, courageous, daring!In fact, they are certainly not bad, but to

live with them hard, because such men never have enough thrills.

Pancakes with honey - a favorite treat romantic, emotional and sensitive men.They are capable of endlessly declare his love, kiss a hundred times a day, sleep gifts, will make gifts to sweethearts, however, easily buy the latest money flower, not thinking that there is nothing.

Pancakes with butter eaten person having a high opinion of himself.They are serious, give a lot of time to home and family, education of children.Very concerned about their reputation by not allowing to be involved in public scandals, but do not let this man not please God - who knows what his reaction would be ?!

Pancakes with curd choose infantile men, it is possible for them to gray hair mom is the only authority.It is unlikely that they will be able to accumulate over time, experience and a sense of responsibility and duty you have to have the most to educate them.

Pancakes with jam prefer not defined yet, "not ripened" to family life people.And who knows how many have to wait for a man matures.There is, something to ponder.

True men, eating delicious cakes can try to learn something about their loved ones.

Do not believe me?But I say:

- the hostess diligent, neat and small cakes, cute.

- Large pies, which in the mouth barely intermeddle make the lazy.

- Those who lovingly makes buns - ladies gentle, but her husband her strength is not enough, as usual - it is all of them in the kitchen leaves!

- But lover oven triangular pies characterized by an increased self-esteem and total rejection of criticism, even fair, so eat cakes, praising kulinarka.

- For complicated fillings tend to women who have a head - a complete muddle.They do not know what they want out of life, because in life unpredictable.

- Meat and fish toppings like to make a special power, wishing to keep the reins in their hands.Though delicious pies, but there is something to think about - is not it?

- Quiet woman looking for a husband support, bake cakes with potatoes or rice.

- A mushroom pies to cook prefer nature changeable, crafty.

- By the way, the more a woman puts in a stuffing of onions - the more tricky and small can expect from it in the future.

- The hardest thing with the ladies who love to bake cakes with egg and carrot.They tend to desire for harmony in life and especially in love.Since Harmony - an unattainable ideal, they will fret themselves, and get loved.

- Lover treat cheesecake with cottage cheese - especially gentle and sensitive.They were a hundred times a day you need to hear how they are unique and unusual.And if the lover suddenly forgot to say, the scandal is inevitable!

- Pies with jam, fresh berries characterize kulinarka as a potential tender mummy.Children will always be well-groomed, fed and, most importantly, well-educated.That's only my husband would have to plow the day and night to ensure a decent family idyll.

Wonderful holiday - Mardi Gras!Holiday - it is always in a good mood, and if pancakes were successful, and happy guessing, the abundance and the mood!Enjoy your meal!