mate tea

word "mate" came to us from guanachi Indian language.They pronounce the word in his own way, "mother", so the Indians called pumpkin, used to make utensils for brewing and drinking tea.

this tea has been known since ancient times, and legend has it that the god Pai Noise gave them men, that their bodies became stronger, hearts are always filled with love and compassion, and thoughts and things were clean.

Homeland tea mate - Argentina and made it out of the leaves of a tropical tree padup.The tree is an evergreen, its leaves are harvested and dried in a special way, sometimes they even fry (fried special mat).This mate tea has a green-gold color and consists of stems, leaves and light dust

Scientists have proved that mate tea is the best prevention against diseases of the cardiovascular system.Consumption of tea mate contributes to the development of the body's most essential antioxidants.This tea increases the level of "good cholesterol", we need to build healthy cells, and lowers the "bad choleste

rol."In our

body produces lipoproteins, which on the one hand, connecting with the "good cholesterol" sosoudov strengthen the walls and reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases and on the other (low density lipoproteins) contribute to the development of various diseases.So mate tea consumption increases the level of the first appearance of blood and reduces the formation of low density lipoproteins.Mate also helps the body resist cancer.

Mate tea is rich in trace elements and vitamins, the body has a rejuvenating effect, strengthens the nervous system, it helps to restore metabolism.

Drink tea made from special vessels, which are called - kolebas, which is a dried gourd, which is applied to the wall pattern.Nowadays kolebasy were made of metal and wood, but, as before, are considered the best kolebasy made it out of the pumpkin.The fact that such a vessel better preserves the required temperature when brewed and emphasizes and preserves the taste quality of tea mate.

Drink mate tea through a special straw - fish is (bomzhilyu), it can be both direct and curved, but at the lower end it necessarily has a strainer, and on top - the mouthpiece.Usually these straws made of wood, bone, plastic, and silver or decorate different patterns.Mate tea should definitely be served with fish is directed toward the guest, otherwise it is considered that you are not welcome, and you point to the threshold.straw length is usually 20-25 cm.

Brewed tea Mate in several stages:

- fill kolebas two thirds of the dry leaves Mate

- closed tightly hand and shake

several times - kolebas tilted so that the tea leaves are poured on one side

- in this positionin a vessel of boiling water pour one teaspoon and drop to fish is

- again shaken kolebas

- now the vessel is filled with hot water (70-80 * C) in divided doses, approximately 30-40 seconds.

Taste mate tea drinking gradually changes from grassy to tart.Brew a tea can be several times that of its flavor does not deteriorate.

Since ancient times, it is believed that tea mate expresses the feelings of people.If the mat is served cold, then you feel indifferent if hot and foam, the love, and if you are very sweet, the tea man feasting you literally burn with passion.

Most of the world consume mate tea in Uruguay, where he was even a monument.It is designed as a palm holding kolebas with Bombilla, and around on the sidewalk are various accessories for tea and yerba mate tea bushes grow.The monument has a height of 4.7 meters, width of 2.5 meters and is set in San Jose, where constantly festivals tea mate.