Lent : tradition and modernity

well, that in our time are beginning to respect the old traditions and the good experience of our grandmothers.Since March 3, begins Lent .What if, without affecting religious reasons, to look at the usefulness of a post with a contemporary point?

Strict ritual food - it's the same therapy, but backed by a rhythm and a certain set of products.Observing the fasting person, as if entering a different state of mind, it takes away from himself adverse sensory memories, caused by both external and internal influences.High motivation for compliance with Lent makes it much easier tolerated than diet, which often wear themselves women, trying to lose weight.

Scientists believe that during fasting, the person begins to feel a surge of strength, vigor, he appeared confident, will, added strength, it is much easier to breathe, it becomes healthier.

There are varying degrees of fasting :

- very strict - xerophagy when consume only vegetarian food without oil

- strict - eat boiled vegetable food with vege

table oil

- normal - except for the fact that eating in a strict fast,you can still fish.

- There is still weakened by fasting for the sick that are in the way, eating in canteens - eating everything except the meat.

also necessary when fasting to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, it is eliminated by the appetizing foods.

What can I eat in the post?

bread, preferably wholemeal (except baking), porridge, cooked in water, without butter, vegetables and fruits, including dried, nuts, mushrooms.

Posts useful to each of us , because our body is "intoxicated" alien substances inhaled with the air, radioactive substances coming from food, drugs and chemicals.During Lent we eat plant foods.Namely plant foods, more precisely, the information contained in it fiber and pectins contribute to the binding and removal of toxins from the body.

post Respect for the body more physiological than starvation or separate meals. Moreover, doctors believe that with its help you can even deal with common diseases such as obesity and diabetes.If during fasting sugar restrict intake to 0.5 grams per day per 1 kg normal body weight, it sharply decreases in the blood sugar level.

Of course, many of us seem fasting difficult.But it may be worth a try to start slowly?Lent is the longest and strict.Therefore, to begin with, you need to try to make an attempt to abstain from animal food, or at least from the meat.Especially useful this method of food in autumn and summer, when a lot of different fruits and vegetables.But today you can go to carrots, cabbage, apples and other fruits and vegetables that can be found in markets and shops.Those who can not immediately give up meat, you can try to reduce the amount of, for example, up to once per day, gradually replacing meat with fish, eggs, cheese.

But, if you decide to fast at this time, do it not for the sake of the experiment, and in the name of beauty and health, that is, observing measure in all!