Table etiquette : what to drink and how to drink

beverage Variety is now just incredible.Some titles ever met in the books, and some just seem outlandish.And if, having bought an exotic drink at home, you can try it rasprobovat, not paying attention to etiquette, then, once at a party, in a cafe or restaurant, at a banquet or reception, I would like to feel confident choosing a glass with any drink.

We hope that our tips will help you navigate among the exotic names of drinks at various celebrations and events, and choose for themselves exactly what you have and would like to try.

begin with simple - with beer. Beer drinking is now everywhere, in spite of the recently adopted laws and so on.Drink beer not from bottles or cans, etiquette required to pour it into a glass or cup.Taste qualities are better preserved in a chilled beer, and it need not be cooled in a freezer, and ice.Beer not drink in one gulp, and gulps.And by the way, glasses of beer not clink!

Vodka also drink chilled.No snacks drink vodka is not recommended, not only to not get dr

unk.Without snack vodka is not fully reveal its taste.A drink vodka - it is mauvais ton.Drink vodka from a small gulp glasses, a glass filled with three-quarters.

Champagne as an aperitif before dinner is very much welcome.Before serving it a little cool, while in an ice bucket sure to add water to avoid hypothermia.But open the champagne quiet without loud pops and flight traffic jams.That leaves intact the most valuable thing in this drink - bubbles.Pour champagne on the side of the glass, the glass is filled about half.

Wine is poured into glasses to one-third, and the glass must be tapered upwards, on a long stalk.Wine delay in the mouth to rasprobovat all the palatability of the beverage.First served white wine, and then the red.White wine served with fruit, fish, seafood, poultry, and red - meat dishes.White wines are cooled before serving.Wine is poured into a glass only when it is completely empty.

Whiskey like not all, though I have this drink is becoming more popular.It is drunk from special low and wide glasses.Served whiskey with ice, then diluted with water or soda.Volley as vodka, do not drink it - only small sips, holding a drink in his mouth.

cognac served after a meal.Cognac drank without haste, savoring, prolonging the pleasure.Glasses for brandy with a wide bottom and a tapered neck, so you can warm drink in their hands and feel the fragrance.Pour cognac, just covering the bottom of the glass.Served warm cognac, above room temperature.By the way, it is believed that lemon beats the taste of a good cognac.

Liqueurs are also served after the main meal, as well as an aperitif.Drink liquor in one gulp, and served in small wine glasses.

Jean mainly designed for mixing in cocktails.The most famous gin and tonic in combination.To prepare it, you need a glass filled with a mixture of one-third of gin with ice, add the tonic.Glasses for gin straight with a thick bottom.

Tequila - the so-called Mexican vodka.Only it is not cooled as much as vodka, and often drunk with salt and lemon or lime.

Rum often mixed in cocktails with a variety of juices, syrups, liqueurs, lemon.

Enjoy your holidays!