Physiognomy - what do you know about it ?extension

In assessing the nature and fate of people's eyes are central.A treatise on physiognomy recommend starting to read a person is with them.The Japanese at the same time believe that the most reliable information can be read with the human eye, which is already over forty.

Big eyes usually indicate the sensitivity of the soul, often on the courage or even the desire for leadership.Eyes small people often belong to a closed, smug and stubborn.But these people differ astonishing regularity.

iris color indicates the presence or absence of vitality: black, brown and green - energy, blue - sensitive, light brown - shyness.Planting of the eye is evaluated in terms of physiognomist, as follows:

- both eyes on the same horizontal line - a favorable sign

- eye beveled down: men - determination, women - imprudence

- strong drooping of the upper eyelid in men indicatesenergy depletion

- swollen lower eyelid - a sign of the turbulent life

- too much sagging lower eyelid indicates uncontrolled impulses.

Japanese also distinguish the types of the eye, which, as in the works of Aristotle, are identified with the eyes of animals.Behavior typical of an animal, is attributed to the owners of the appropriate eye type.

Large, with a living luster eyes - is the dragon's eyes.These eyes shall have the person who uses power.Elongated eyes raised to the temples - the lynx eyes.This subtle nature.Big eyes with numerous folds of the eyelids - a lion's eyes.They are endowed with the leaders.Eyes with folds of the eyelids, but narrow, elongated, are the elephant.They are usually characterized by for people, calm by nature.

According to the canons of the Eastern physiognomy, human nose is an indication of the characteristics of his spiritual life, and the shape of the nose, as well as eye, stabilized only after forty years.Long nose, usually a sign of a bright personality, well-balanced with the eyes, mouth and chin, he speaks of a strong nature, bony long nose - an indicator of pride and arrogance towards others.The ideal in the East is considered to nose with a rounded tip and well decorated wings.A man with such a nose is different courage, passion and aggressiveness.

If the tip of the nose reminds hanging drop, the owner is usually cheerful and often thrives, if the tip of the nose resembles the beak of an eagle, then such a person is perceptive, cunning, and often rancorous.Overall, bulbous nose tip indicates cordiality and warmth of the subject.Raised, with protruding nostrils nose distinguishes willful, unrestrained, undisciplined nature.

shape and size of the mouth make it possible to determine the strength of the human inner energy.The general rule: a person with a small mouth are concerned about the struggle for survival, they are endowed with a weak character.Thin line closed mouth speaks of human scruples.A man with a big mouth and smooth corners of the lips has a strong will, it is difficult to influence.

small-sized mouth in an arc shape with raised corners belong to the sensitive nature.Convex big lips - evidence of success.Symmetrical line without distortions mouth speaks of emotions balanced.Roth, one side of which is omitted, belongs stubborn.

Eastern physiognomy ears determines the characteristics of the human way of life in childhood.When reading a person based on the general rule is well decorated ear says the happy cloudless childhood.Formless and pallor indicate adverse factors.Much prompt and position of the ears on the head.If the upper area above the ears eyebrow level - intelligence is very high, at eye level - intelligence is above average, below - average or even low intelligence.Ear lobe without a well-executed indicates unbalanced personality.People with very large earlobes in the East are considered by the sages.Preference is given to the pink color of the ears, and the yellowness or blueness indicate malaise.

face Reading in the East in two ways: by observation and during the conversation.In either case, the first defined shape of the face.The Japanese distinguish oblong, triangular, trapezoidal, square and round shapes.Oblong face - a rectangle that is roughly equal to the width of the forehead chin width.Physiognomist believe this type of characteristic face of the rulers and the aristocracy.Oblong indicates intelligence, balance, sensitivity.People with this type of person possess organizational talent, commitment, with a strong desire to lead.

Triangular face is distinguished by a high and broad forehead, prominent cheekbones, a small but bony nose, deep-set eyes, small and protruding chin.In the East, it is believed that such a person is very sensitive, but at the same time cunning and quarrelsome.It is said that among the spies and traitors to the most people with a triangular face.

The trapezoidal shape of the face has a lot in common with the triangle.It is characterized by a broad forehead and a slightly narrowed (but not pointed) chin.It is believed that a man with such a face shape is the intellectual, artistic, but it is not characteristic of the spirit of a fighter.Women with such a person distinguished by great optimism and create a pleasant atmosphere for others.

square face shape is characteristic of severe, courageous, often heartless people.These people are determined, tough and persistent.In conversation, they are straightforward and honest, have an unquenchable thirst for success.The round shape of the face is characteristic of the good-natured, soft, peace-loving people.They like comfort and good company.Such people are often different and ambition.

By physiognomy is often treated and representatives of other ancient science - astrology.An experienced astrologer almost unmistakably month of birth, looking in the face of a stranger to him, he can say what the planet was dominated in his life and, therefore, determines the nature and actions.

Aries - the first sign of the zodiac, which protects the planet Mars In Aries rather sharp features and well defined eyebrows, narrow bridge often forms along with eyebrows sign of the ram (A).The complexion usually bright hair, especially in sunlight, a little give ryzhinoy.

Very bright characteristic appearance, which under the force of even recognize beginner astrologer have Lions, whose patron is the sun.In the guise of people born under this constellation, there is something on their royal brother, the king of beasts.They usually have a lush head of hair, hair color often dark, sometimes red, wavy hair and unruly.Deceptively lazy look.A distinctive feature of the Lions - brown eyes, from light to very dark color, with a slightly upturned up external corners (cat's eye).

Archers first glance impression of impetuosity.The facial features are quite large, but very moving, nervous.The person often elongated.

Among the most prominent signs of water have the appearance of the fish.Their patron - the Neptune, Pisces give eyes - clear as water, with heavy eyelids swollen, often bulging and sliding gait, as if floating.The hair is thin, sometimes curly, almost always bright.

remaining characters, of course, also have their own distinctive features, but their recognition requires certain skills and experience physiognomic work.It is possible, however, to point out some of their characteristics.

Rakov can be divided into two types: the first - the heavy eyebrows, high cheekbones and protruding chin.This is the "undeveloped" type of cancer."High" type of cancer has more sophisticated features.Rakov eyes - large, as if slightly mowing in different directions, often dark shade.

One of the most powerful and mysterious signs of the zodiac - Scorpio, which protects the god of the underworld, Pluto, is often the most ordinary appearance.However, mature Scorpio can be identified by expression of eyes - attentive, as if to penetrate the most intimate to the interlocutor, the reader secret thoughts.

Signs earth element - Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus - have a fairly sharp, static features.Such persons are often called impermeable.In Taurus, as a rule, the head rounded, massive neck, big eyes, a "bullish" forehead, hair is often curly.Capricorns - frequent holders large aquiline nose, dark or black direct vote.These issues and more sullen, closed face.

Dev harder to guess.However, if the company you will meet a nice man with a small, delicate features, with emphasis refined habits ~ it is likely Virgo.Select something bright, especially for representatives of the air signs - Libra, Gemini and Aquarius - the layman is difficult.Their appearance is something intangible, elusive, changeable faces of these people, like the outline of the white clouds in the sky overhead.In astrological terms, this "strong signs of beauty."

The centuries-old practice of reading a person's character by his face has created a kind of knowledge system used by philosophers, writers and artists.Physiognomy, as the science of reading faces, is interesting not only from a purely cognitive, but also a pragmatic point of view.Read interlocutor intentions of the partner, the opponent on his face - it means to insure themselves against the unexpected.