You take away my photographer !

you like to be photographed?Answers to this question of the majority "yes" in turn "no" with increasing age in women and men for the most part simply indifferent to your photos.But perhaps many of us happy to leaf through old albums, examining captured faces in your photos, and remembering the people, events, places where you've been.

particularly interesting to consider the portraits.Made a good photographer, they do not just reflect your look, but also, sometimes the nature of thoughts ... It's nice to have your own photograph, that he liked the most.And so it happened, you need to listen to useful advice and know some of the tricks used by professional photographers.

person .If you want to take pictures, remember - the more matte make-up you make, the better.Shiny shadows and lip gloss does not flatter you in future photos, even if you are in real life.Too dark shades of lipstick and eye shadow will make you in the picture above.

Professional photographers who shoot models, advise them on the day

prior to the shooting, and shooting directly into the day to give up alcohol, plentiful drink, spicy and salty foods.Otherwise, the person in the photograph will appear swollen and puffy, or even manifest a double chin, of which you were unaware.

Hair .The more smooth and shiny your hair is, the better they will look at the pictures.However, do not do too slicked hairstyle with straight hair, or the photograph you can literally get bald.If it is possible - with disheveled hair.These photos are the most successful.

Smile .Natural Smile - the most attractive, so try to smile through the eyes, not only with his lips.Think not about how beautiful you are smiling, and how it will be pleasant and natural.Smile is better not to train in advance.Rehearsed smile in the photo looks lifeless and stretched.There is good impromptu!

Pose .As in the case of the smile is best to take a natural posture.Most successfully obtained photographs half-turned, they are perfectly emphasize the waist line and every curve shapes.If you prefer to be photographed, looking at the camera directly, then at least move the weight on one leg.

And besides:

- try not to look askance, otherwise photos will get too long nose

- do not forget to breathe!A lot of people taking pictures, hold their breath and take a frozen pose.As a result, and in the photo they look frozen

- when people try to control too much of their photo looks lifeless.Be yourself and try on the photos to transfer its vital energy.

And lucky you photos!