The first holiday abroad

This year you decide to go to rest abroad?If this is your first "overseas tour", so our advice would be for you to come in handy.Of course, all provide is simply impossible, but a lot of things you need to take care in advance, to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

very important step, which will depend largely on the success of your first holiday abroad, this is the choice of the travel agent.Start by asking friends and acquaintances, their impression of travel agencies whose services they used.It is desirable that the company had no less than five years old and she had a "fresh" license.

will not hurt to look online and find out the opinion of seasoned travelers about this travel agency there not by chance its name in the "black list".If so, you should be aware of the fact that she did not, who summed up and in what way - will be less likely to fall for the bait of other unscrupulous travel agencies.

When visiting the office of the company you are sure to pay attention (and rightly do) on the

"civility" of his situation: it is unlikely you will want to use the services of employees "office" located in a dirty, smelling of cat's basement, not equipped with modern office equipment.

extremely important way of communicating and agency staff with customers.If it seems that they are sick and tired of talking with potential tourists, and they are clearly not interested in the fact that you have chosen for their services, it is best to such cases the employee does not have.

Now the cost of the permit.Of course, saving is always a pleasure, but if the permit impress you with its low cost, cheerleaders: whether there will be such that on arrival at the vacation spot you will be accommodated in a hotel of this "class", in comparison with which the barn at six suburban acres will seem much more comfortable.

And another important point, which is why our tourists interested in something very small.We are talking about health insurance.Find out how much you insure the company with which you choose the travel agency contract exists.It is important to ask and how to act when the insured event: whether to pay for medical services and medication on the ground, collecting checks and receipts, and receive a refund - return home with an insurance company, or all services in the insurance policy you must provide the host countryis free.

defined with a travel agency, where you will buy a ticket, decide for yourself what kind of tour you desirable purchase: excursion, vacation with excursions or just rest and excursions you will be able to choose on the spot.If you chose the first option, be prepared for the fact that the rest of you will be very active: go have a lot.Keep in mind that even the most beautiful cities in the world in very hot weather to lose its appeal, and go on excursions to the hot asphalt at not much strength.

The contract must be listed the services that provides a travel agency shuttle from the airport to hotel and back, moving to the specified route in the program, the availability of the guide, "stardom" hotel, the number of seats in the room, food and the timing of your trip.

It's no secret that tours unwary tourists are often victims of local thieves.In order not to be left without money and documents in a foreign country, Subscribe at the hotel reception, where you will live, safe deposit them.Also, do not be lazy in advance to make photocopies of all documents and tickets.

And certainly bring a travel light shirt fastens securely with large pockets on the chest, steal from which something is very problematic.Slippers, flip-flops - a thing not only necessary for a hike to the beach.It is in their doctors recommend to visit the showers in hotels, not to bring back from holiday a disease like a fungus.

Now about the local water.Not all countries can drink tap water iz-pod (for example, popular among Russian tourists in Turkey), and koe-gde can not be used even for brushing your teeth and washing fruit (India, Tunisia and OE).So be prepared to have to buy in local stores bottled water.

As for independent dinners at local restaurants, it is wiser still use the services of institutions, like the popular "natives", and tourists.This is especially true in Asia and Africa "exotic" countries.

It is hardly necessary to remind that to go on holiday with huge suitcases - unwise.However, there are things that are better not to buy on the spot, and to bring, because we are cheaper.This battery, video and film, various creams for tanning, cosmetics and medicines that you usually use.Stock up well pads and tampons to be fully prepared, from the sharp changes of climate cycle can lose.And further.

If during the rest do not have time to spend local money, do not rush on the last day to buy in a hurry all the small stuff.At the airport when the plane waiting you most likely will have enough time to spend local currency for goods is quite decent quality.

And yet, try to seriously prepare for the rest still at home, then you will have no worries in an interesting journey!