Do you use payment terminals ?

More and more people are using payment terminals for Internet payment, mobile communications and other services.This is really convenient, saves time, makes it possible not to expend energy on stage.But we know too little to do in a difficult situation right, not to lose your money and do not have other problems.

When a payment terminal is working well, and the desired service is paid correctly, nothing to worry about, but it happens, and so that we do not understand what is happening, and whether our money reached its destination.It is important to know what kind of trouble are at payment terminals, and what to do in each case.

on the terminal screen and on the main unit can not be information on the amount of commission.Sometimes it is unpleasant high.Commission amount can vary not only in the terminals of different payment systems, but also in terminals of a system.

If you want to use the terminal, you must remember that you will be impossible to get change - it does not issue any terminal.

not exclude the delay or loss of payment.This may be due to technical failures in the payment terminal, intermittent communication with your distraction, if you make a mistake while entering data.

If you invested the money never reached its destination, it will help solve the problem of the check, which confirms that the payment has been made.Call customer service.This phone is usually indicated on the unit, in its interface and on the check.Give the operator the parameters of the transaction.It will help to find a "hovering" payment and will transfer it to the destination, or tell you how to get the money back.

if the check is lost and the payment is not done, then you have to drive to the office of the company that owns the machine.There is written statement describing the problem: where, when, and where they had been sent money, the amount of payment.There is a chance that your payment will be found.The same act, if you enter the wrong details.

But there are also so-called "black" terminal.This fake payment acceptance devices that are not connected to any of the payment system.Their owners - crooks - assign money for himself.Such devices looks a little different from the present.They are usually installed in a public place for a few hours.Then the criminals remove the terminal, it is removed from the bill, and put the device in a different location.Therefore it is necessary to use proven terminals, which are installed in large shopping centers and other protected areas.

If you urgently need to make money through an unknown street machine, then as a check put on the account of its small amount of mobile phone, and only in that case, if you will receive a confirmation of receipt the amount transferred by the addressee, you can safely use this terminal for further payments.